Season 17 Division 3 Stats and facts review.

Udinese promoted in second have the highest PVA with Zenit and Celtic showing great VA.

As expected division 3 shows more variance than D1 or 2.  Udinese expected the playoffs but got 2nd place and promotion.  They just beat Celtic who had the 2nd best VA of +8, with +11 VA Zenit just missing out on a playoff spot.  Borussia Monchengladbach a +3 overperformance worth a mention but Hamburg showed true grit +8 VA and a playoff spot.  West Brom did all they could and should be proud of their promotion.

Disappointment for Roma on -8 VA and more so for Palace who are relegated also 8 places below expected.   Galatsaray on -6 VA will be looking for more next season.  Disappointing seasons for Sampdoria and Wolfsburg . Only 2 of the 4 expected teams were relegated although 3 of the lower 5 did go down.

Udinese Calcio88.089.389.087.586.088.0220.366242.50
Zenit Saint Petersburg89.087.387.886.586.087.3217.23198111.50
Hamburger SV89.087.587.388.585.087.5218.2115781.29
West Bromwich Albion88.088.589.091.587.088.8222.481101.00
Borussia Mönchengladbach87.086.889.388.083.086.8218.40141130.36
TSG 1899 Hoffenheim88.
FK Partizan88.087.588.388.586.087.7219.01111010.20
SSC Napoli88.086.586.887.585.086.8216.24202000.05
Dinamo Zagreb89.088.389.889.586.088.5221.5823-10.00
Newcastle United87.087.087.588.086.087.1217.561718-10.00
Fenerbahçe SK90.086.887.089.585.087.7218.181619-3-0.11
VfL Wolfsburg89.088.388.589.585.088.1220.4659-4-0.33
Galatasaray SK88.088.088.888.087.088.0219.60814-6-0.36
Crystal Palace88.087.888.588.586.087.8219.41917-8-0.41
AS Roma88.089.088.589.085.087.9220.61412-8-0.58

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