Top 120 – A Managerial Production line

Next Thursday sees the ending of Season 3 of Top 120 – so it seems a great chance to give you rundown of the season 3 – and the permutations, the history and the managerial production line that we have had!

Season 3 – Division 1

Its been a tough campaign with 1 manager – Steven Allington  outperforming the likes of Dan Payne and Dan Wallace. An incredible season from Young Boys and it is likely to bring them their first title – baring a collapse in the final two games. Credit to  Master T  for taking Union Berlin to domestic cup success at the expense of Beddows’ Nice. At the bottom it is mathematically certain that two of Syed Shah , Daniel Wythe  and Dave Oz Osborne will go down. Massive credit to Jimmy Gouldie who is evidence of managers dropping to Top120 from Top100 can be a massive success!

Division 2

Massive night as – Dunks-  and Riece Monro face off for the title – both looking for their maiden Top 120 title. Mainstay of Top120 and former Top100 manager  Jena “Snake” … will hope to put play off heartache from last season behind him and has the chance to rest players arguably. FC Midtjylland will be under the stewardship of caretaker David Marsden it is rumoured – could they spoil the party and get promoted?

BOTTOM of each division will be sacked and will need to reapply for their positions.


Managerial Production Line

The following managers have all succeeded in Top120 and been promoted to Top100 – 14 in all so far in the 3 seasons. Who will be the 15th?

Hasan Lika, Pedro Vilar, Chris East, Carl Martin, Bradley Frampton, The Godfather, Anew Dayo, Chris Union, Andrew Bailey, Paul Rimmer, Padraig Corcoran, Paul Masters, Stephen Partington, Pip

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  1. Unfortunately Real Sociedad did not immediately manage to find the best scheme to play this championship and by the time we did it, the key men I had told to make the leap in quality were missing. Unfortunately Pedro’s assists and Abraham’s goals were missing, Raum didn’t play at his best. In the middle of the season we changed the midfield line which gave excellent results, we are sure that the team will fight to win next season!


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