Season 17 Division 4 Stats and Facts

Five teams in the fight for the title in Division 4.

It seems that Division 4 will have at least 2 really disappointed teams that most years would have grabbed an automatic place but will now be in the playoffs at best . Celta Vigo have a strong attack and a good midfield. With a competent back line , at least by D4 standards they should gain promotion.  Sao Paulo a little less attacking but more defensive, should score less but concede less than Celta so should match them all the way.  Swansea just a fraction lower than Sao Paulo, better in midfield but less potent up top, will need to make the most of the increased chances.  Leicester ,pretty much like Celta Vigo should make up the top 4.  Dynamo Moscow have a major weakness in goal, especially against these and other potent attacks.

This really only leaves two play off spots.  Lille top and tail their team and must be favourites to upset the top 5 if anyone does,  Cruziero are a similar build with CSKA the other playoff possible having a more balanced approach.

218 could be the survival stakes in D3 so any team down to Chievo could make a run for the play off spot and survive the next season and they look like a team who could make a good performance in the cup this year.

At the wrong end of the table , the cut off for relegation is around 217 at the moment.  It is hard to see Lazio surviving with a weak defence and attack.  Basel need to strengthen the midfield and West Ham their defence.  PSV should be ok if they avoid injuires. Lokomotiv must use their attacking line effectively as they will ship goals at the other end.

Division 4 is half a point stronger this season, maybe a little skewed by the top 5 which show the challenge anyone outside that group has getting into automatic or even play off spots.

Celta Vigo88.088.089.890.086.088.4221.581
São Paulo FC88.088.589.089.586.088.2221.062
Swansea City88.088.589.389.087.088.4221.053
Leicester City88.
Dynamo Moskva87.087.588.890.584.087.6220.355
Lille OSC90.086.588.890.085.088.1219.706
CSKA Moskva89.
Dynamo Kyiv88.087.387.390.085.087.5218.869
Besiktas JK88.087.888.887.086.087.5218.6310
Chievo Verona88.087.588.387.086.087.4218.0311
Club Brugge KV88.086.388.888.085.087.2217.9612
Girondins Bordeaux88.087.587.387.585.087.1217.4414
Villarreal CF87.086.587.588.585.086.9217.3715
Lokomotiv Moskva87.
West Ham United87.086.387.387.585.086.6216.3218
FC Basel87.087.086.587.585.086.6216.3219
SS Lazio88.085.388.086.583.086.2215.3520

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