From Russia to the beloved Italy

The debut in Russia and now Lazio. A rather positive debut in the Top 100 if it were not for those 15 draws that could raise the ranking for the Russian team and maybe aim for the playoffs, but I can be satisfied. The starting team was already more or less competitive, I just had to rebuild the spring that well figured in Youth without demanding too much. Now a new adventure, LAZIO!!! We return to our homeland in Italy to play again in the 4th Division and have mine team as opponent…. I was asked not to relegate the team for the third consecutive year, it will be tough but I will try to succeed. The starting team does not have enough competitiveness but the spring is absolutely fantastic; there are 7/8 really formidable elements and that’s why I’ll try to keep everyone even at the cost of going back…. The future is ours, we just have to wait. We will try to perform well in the championship and get the salvation, our only goal.

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