Top 120 – Top 100 – The Final Promotion for now?

As stated on the Top120 newsfeed we have an unexpected 5th opening for a Top120 manager – but Dan, Dan and me are undecided and disagree on who – so here is an opportunity – below is the team – first team and youth team – also the contract (calculated on how that side compares to others in next season divisions). The team is Chievo Verona – a side that has risen through the ranks during their time in Top100.

We want a message – whatsapp, messenger, PM in game that answers the following

Message to me Stephen Beddows, Dan Payne (DP91) or Dan Wallace

(1) Why should we pick you for that role?

(2) Tell us about your work in Top 120 – achievements – decisions etc

(3) What are your current thoughts on that club? What would your priorities be?

(4) How would you contribute to the wider Top100 community?

Chievo Verona first team
Chievo Verona Youth Team
Manager History
Contract offered over 3 seasons – you must achieve Top 14 finish in 1st full season in charge in Div 4

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