Season 16 Division 4 stats and facts review.

The 3rd 2nd 1st are 1st 2nd 3rd in the stats.

A great season by Fenerbache give them the highest VA in D4 at +11 and PVA at +4 and a promotion spot.  Celtic on the basis of finishing 3 positions above expected are second in the stats with leaders Wolfsburg in 3rd. Sampdoria in 4th are on +5 VA with a whole series of overperfomers on +7

Bruge,  Moscow and West ham all pushed away from danger and in some cases into the play offs and a notable mention to PSV.

This obviously means that there will be an equal number of underperformers.

CSKA should have been top but struggled to get in the playoffs. They have -5 VA and -0.67 PVA. Fiorentina and Koln have the worst VA on -8. Leicester, Dynamo Moscow, Villareal and Marseille also slipped well below expectations.

Fenerbahçe SK90.087.387.
VfL Wolfsburg88.
Club Brugge KV88.086.087.888.085.087.0216.9616970.89
Lokomotiv Moskva88.
West Ham United87.086.387.387.586.086.8216.44201370.62
Celta Vigo88.087.887.888.085.087.3218.368800.13
Girondins Bordeaux87.087.087.588.085.086.9217.44151500.07
Atalanta BC88.086.587.887.086.087.1216.831819-10.00
Lille OSC90.087.088.589.585.088.0219.5834-10.00
Olympique Marseille87.087.388.
Villarreal CF87.087.087.589.086.087.3218.211116-5-0.25
Beşiktaş JK88.087.889.087.585.087.5219.0447-3-0.29
Dynamo Moskva87.087.588.688.283.086.9218.58712-5-0.33
1. FC Köln88.087.388.387.585.087.2218.041220-8-0.35
Leicester City89.087.388.887.586.087.7218.68611-5-0.36
ACF Fiorentina88.087.388.587.586.087.5218.36917-8-0.41
CSKA Moskva89.088.388.889.586.088.3220.7816-5-0.67

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