Season 16 Division 1 Stats and facts review

Hertha are the kind of the stats with a PVA of +2 , just over taking the champs Barcelona.

Few notes I calculate the stats leaders on PVA , positional value added.

Value added is simply how much above or below a team finishes statistically from its predicted ( pre ) position.

Positional value added takes into account how high up the table you finish. Otherwise Barcelona for example would have a value added of 0 or less most seasons. Thus success is important.

Hertha had a great season finishing 9 places above their predicted position, their VA of +9 is just above that of Stoke who were clear relegation material but finished a more the creditable 12th, they finished third in the stats just above Juventus who had a much better season this year.

Real Madrid and Genoa rightly are at the lower end of the stats. Real had a PVA of -0.43 and Genoa – 0.33 both with a value added of -7 showing that they finished 7 place below their expected position, with Atletico just above them .  Lowest side Anderlecht had an up hill battle all season . Credit though to Stoke and Man City for avoiding the drop.


Hertha BSC89.089.392.392.585.089.6226.2114592.00
Stoke City89.088.590.389.386.088.6222.05201280.75
Borussia Dortmund92.091.390.592.087.090.6226.6812840.63
SL Benfica93.091.091.390.589.091.0226.47131030.40
Bayern München94.090.893.
Manchester City90.090.890.391.585.089.5225.28171610.13
Bayer Leverkusen90.090.889.889.588.089.6223.94181710.12
RCD Espanyol92.091.892.090.586.090.5227.199900.11
Standard Liège90.090.091.391.088.090.1225.51151500.07
Paris Saint-Germain91.089.890.390.185.089.2223.69191900.05
FC Porto93.091.093.395.086.091.7230.6334-10.00
Hellas Verona89.090.891.592.586.090.0226.931011-10.00
RSC Anderlecht91.091.090.391.086.089.9225.391620-4-0.15
Atlético Madrid90.090.592.092.586.090.2227.25813-5-0.31
Genoa CFC92.091.891.590.387.090.5226.741118-7-0.33
Real Madrid91.

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