Welcome football fans! You need a right pair of these to do what legendary City Gaffer McLean did! Sell Llorente and bring in….

…..this lad!! ‘He’s only 36 and he’s rated 96 Ronaldo! Ronaldo! Was a legend in red, now he’s at the Etihad, Ronaldo! Ronaldo!’ Yes, soccer fans I should be taken outside and be assaulted across the head and body for such ‘Chutzpah’. But needs must – and I must need a good kicking for this scandalous transfer. OUTRAGEOUS!!

Inch by inch, brick by brick, player by player – City continue to build without being utterly reckless. This is City. My City. And I want to keep it that way. We sold Mendy to external for cash…because it was THE RIGHT THING TO DO. We sold Aguero because he wasn’t getting minutes at Barca. We finished the half season despite all this, needing just 3-6 points to guarantee survival. And then…then it all went tits up. Nothing worked. Youth Cup Final again – yes! A league win? Give me strength!

This is MY team. This is MY build. My SECOND build. These are MY players. If I get sacked, I get sacked. But do not question my integrity, my fearlessness or my squad building. I AM CITY. Have it.

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