Espanyol hoping for decent spanish update.

Its that time of year where the premium leagues around Europe are getting their sm updates. Like every other Manager Espanyol’s has his fingers crossed on one or two getting a nice plus 1 or 2 to aid the clubs transition.

“We have 19 players plying their trade in Spain, so by law of averages we’d be hoping for a couple of our players to gain rises, whilst keeping our fingers crossed Busquets and Alba can maintain their 92 ratings. Our biggest hopes for a rise in spain are”:

RODRI SANCHEZ – Its been a real breakthrough for the talented Spanish under 21 star over the last 12 months. Plenty of first team game time has a number of clubs looking to activate the players £24 million release clause. Espanoyl are hoping at least a plus 5 is in the offing at this round pf updates.

INIGO MARTINEZ , recently signed and although 30, is playing arguably his best football for both club and country. Its 4 years since the Spanish central defender was updated, and although an outside chance the gaffer is hoping his 90 becomes a 91.

SERGIO SANTOS has already made his debut for the Real Madrid first team at the age of 20 and rated at 73, although not a big rise, he may get another plus 2 or 3. He is very much a long term prospect at Espanyol and will be monitored over the next two years to see if he can progress.

JAVI PUADO is impressing presently for Espanyol and at 23 has further improvement in him. Currently rated at 85, a plus one is a possibility and one that will very much determine the managers long term plan for the player.

Meanwhile the Manager is also hoping for rises in Italy for

CARLES PEREZ – He has always had the talent but is beginning to show signs of maturity at Roma, i’m expecting a plus 1 or 2 for him, which would give us an interesting asset given he is still only 23.

Over to the English update and the gaffer thinks the following will get updates.

WIFRID NDIDI – there is mixed opinions on him getting an update, but its been two years since his last one, since then his stock has risen as has is value. If he can squeeze a plus one, it would give us a 92 rated player who can play centre midfied and centre back. It also gives us a major asset to potentially trade off for a long term striking option. If no rise this time, its only a matter of time.

RAPHINHA- We paid a lot to bring him to Espanyol and although his value is not rocketing on Transfermkt, his stock and potential suitors as possible transfer destinations IRL are. A plus one is a possibility this time around although its far from guaranteed and it may take another year, but in that time its not out of yhe question that it would be a plus to given his progress at club and international levels.

“i’m in a strange position now with the squad, I have two targets who are long term prospects I want to bring to the club and I fear these maybe snapped up unless I can make that happen in the next week or two, yet I dont want to really part with any of mine until these updates are done, as I’m liking to the potential in our fringe players. Of the older players, Alba, Bonucci and Busquets, again I dont want to part with them, despite offering then out over the last couple of days. Aguero is due to retire which has me searching for a striker again, thats going to take a sacrifice unless we can get a rating rise into a key player, which can compensate for the loss. I don’t regret the gamble I took on his fitness, some you win, some you lose. He has managed 9 goals already, and had the fitness gone the other way, we’d have been laughing. As it is, we will lose the player at the end of the season and we continue to plan long term without him”

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