We have just completed around 75% of our games and stand at W12, D6, L10, and 42 points. We currently sit in a play off spot in 6th place, and I would love to be here at the end of the season. This is a very tight division and there are only ten points between the play offs and relegation. We are slightly ahead of my prediction on the best average starting 11’s of 8th – 13th, and we have achieved 42 points of the expected 36.

I am pleased with our performance so far and am hopeful of finishing between 6th – 11th and we managed to reach the Youth Shield quarter final.

I exchanged Christensen(89) 25yo (Chelsea doing well) with Mingueza(87) 22yo (Barcelona struggling) and hope I have gambled well. Still tinkering with the youth, and only some minor player rating rises so far

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