Mystic Meg – The Old Lady

Today I sat down with the one, the only, Mystic Meg to discuss what the future had in store for the squad at Juventus over the course of the next real life season & corresponding two Top 100 seasons.

I first asked Meg what she thought for Juventus’ chances in the Season 16 campaign but essentially she told me it would be positively mediocre, so what the baffling old bird meant by that, I’m really not sure.

She was however willing to be a little more insightful with the playing contingent of the squad over the next real life year.

Jan Oblak (95) – A good season & perhaps back-to-back titles for Atletico Madrid, she said, probably one of the best goal differences across European leagues, she suggested, an unconscious bias limits the player to 95 upon his nationality & the status of Atletico being below the worlds elite clubs meaning he would not rise. (95)

Erstan Destanoglu (83) – Another great season is expected for the young Turk, she said, a good start already in fact & a below par increase last time around, expect him to be around the 87 mark by seasons end she said. (87)

Mathijs De Ligt (92) – More disappointment for Juventus ahead this season she was quoted as saying, more development for the young Dutchman anticipated in fact. But to see the season through with little to no change would certainly be likely. (92)

Benoit Badiashile (88) – She said a player that continues to thrive in a league overlooked but in a team finding mediocrity its consistent. A transfer in the making but a limited season upon the clubs ability to perform she believed. (89)

Nathan Wood (73) – A youngster getting first team minutes in Scotland, she said without a hint of knowing this was common knowledge. An England international at youth level to continue & development towards Championship & Premier League football before long she further explained. (78)

Soumalia Coulibaly (70) – A further season of hype before eventual latter season stages exposure to minutes in the first 11 she prophesied, a future of success she concluded. (75)

Levi Colwill (70) – Little information she gave, little she knew I did not already know. A modern John Terry were her words. (80)

Timothee Pembele (75) – A brilliant season of development at Bordeaux, we knew but still she told, exposure to various positions she added would entail. A bright future at the top of the game was told. (82)

Lucas Hernandez (91) – Another season of elite performance in multiple roles across the elite backline of Bayern, a season of success Meg did predict. A World Cup in the future but an outcome she would not digress (92)

Correa Marquinhos (94) – A Brazilian masterclass to come in a season of firsts at club level she believed, but to better his level would be reliant on his compatriots in the before long World Cup (95)

Taha Altikardes (72) – The young Turk is getting minutes in the second tier but is highly rated at a reputable club, his future is positive upon his recently turned 18 years, but for any youngster here the difference between nothing & plenty is but fine she foresaw (75)

Tanguy Nianzou (78) – Bouncebackability, the words from her lips, brilliance in showcasing an elite career to come but development over time ensures patience to be required with this future star (83)

Benjamin Pavard (91) – The brilliance of Bayern she said would enable an elite platform for the continued development in an ever changing backline of elite ability she did foretell, a World Cup in the future but an outcome she would not digress. (92)

Devyne Rensch (82) – Development the key for the season ahead, but detail in the minutes divulged the explanation behind Megs words, a future filled with glory the outcome of this one. (85)

Mitchel Bakker (85) – You’ve seen it before, she subtly put, to leave PSG & progress is predictable as such. Levels to be gained at Leverkusen she put. (88)

Aster Vranckx (82) – Patience the key with this one she said, development over the season she said, patience the virtue with Vranckx as he adapts to the Bundesliga this season (84)

Josh Atencio (73) – The home grown Sounder making waves in Seattle has shown a physical ability to command games from deep, making him a prospect to keep an eye on. Expect further minutes & development from the young American (80)

Ethan Ampadu (83) – Exposure to Serie A & the development abroad again for Ampadu not to be overlooked in another season of added development for this forever young it seems talent she told, a tough one it was told, the top or too terrible mediocrity however she could not divulge (85)

Yan Couto (80) – This Brazilian youngster is undergoing a season of adaptation to European football in Portugal where the language barrier has been removed. A Manchester City future ahead of him should he apply off the field in this period & hit the expected heights she hypothesised (85)

Jeremie Frimpong (83) – This Dutchman is bound for the top she suggested, a brilliant Bayer episode to be had before he hits heights beyond Leverkusen are bound she believed (87)

Ricardo Pereira (91) – Back to his best before long the Mystic suggested, but better times ahead for the stuttering Leicester City side he is returning to after a long period on the sidelines (91)

Joshua Kimmich (95) – King Kimmich can command any game & that ability does not change for the foreseeable future she foretold, for Joshua only rule was seen in his future (95)

Alex Scott (70) – An impressive start to his professional career with Bristol has highlighted how Scott can soar to impressive heights she hinted, but a long road ahead for the youngster this year (77)

Xavi Simons (70) – The boy wonder has turned man, but is the man going to display wonder or leave people wondering what happened she bumbled on about. ‘Watch this space’ is all too common with Simons but will he hit the hype, she continued. Who knows what she meant (75)

Yegor Yarmolyuk (70) – “Young Yegor has a way to go but minutes for the youth will show brilliance you know” – She is actually a fruitcake (77)

Pedri Gonzalez (89) – “Prince Pedri we know is going to the top, but how high he can go may be upon leaving Barcelona in tow”. Yeah she’s crackers. (92)

Phil Foden (90) – Pep roulette is the biggest game Phil plays, but she prophesied plenty of potential still for future of this season despite the mixed odds. A successful season for club & country, will see Phil find a weighty reward (92)

Jamal Musiala (85) – Another season of elite performances for Jamal lays ahead, multiple roles across the elite front line of Bayern, a season of success, Meg did predict. Outperforming & outplaying opponents of elite levels, but still finding himself limited by the status of youth she did further suggest (89)

Gio Reyna (85) – Reyna with reign, she rambled. A mixed season for club & country the standard however for this youngster. Gio has a way to go but a move in his future Mystic Meg did wonder. A season of highs but no mountainous summits (89)

Florian Wirtz (85) – The wonderkid Wirtz will continue to work his magic this season. His comparisons to Havertz will only continue but his tactically tailored exposure to exhibit his wonder will ensure this youngster hits heights where he can plunder. A Bayern future for this youngster, our meg did wonder (89)

Bernardo Silva (93) – Stylish Silva shall continue his season with more minutes that he desired, where his departure from City was flirted with prior. She prophesied a key role in this team as pundits did additionally did wonder, a key role & success further he would discover (94)

Adam Karabec (80) – A bright future Meg mentioned for the Czech boy wonder, but a mixed season of minutes ahead before transfers links are in his near future (83)

Bukayo Saka (89) – Stylish Saka she believed would be one to watch in abundance but limited by his club would in turn see his rating slumber. “A short term future dependant on his successes Internationally, before the boy can really show his brilliance elsewhere if he is but so fortunate” – Batty old bird (90)

Romelu Lukaku (94) – Big Rom she applauded & left little to wonder, champions Chelsea she did additionally suggest, which would see Lukaku reach a higher rating, no jest. Champions of what however Mystic Meg would not digress (95)

Nacho Ferri (67) – Near ‘Two Metre Peter’, Ferri will feature but little but in finding game time in the final stages the youngster has been forecasted (70)

Loum Tchaouna (70) – Loum looks likely to find himself in minimal minutes territory she said, the obvious for anyone to see I said, cut the cheek she said (77)

Joshua Zirkzee (82) – Zirkzee finds himself a key figure once again but this time in the Juplier League of Belgium, he’ll return to Bayern a man she did behest, although what authority she has to do so, I doubted (85)

El Bilal Toure (83) – Toure was the talk of Reims before he wound up the hierarchy by seeming to want to leave she did liaise but Meg questioned a future unknown for his short term ability to live up to said talk (85)

Fabio Blanco (70) – A blank for Blanco so far in a promised move for minutes but a loan will remove the limits for which the youngster yearning for (75)

Shola Shoretire (73) – The shunned Seventeen Shola of United prophesied to break the first team this season will feature but little, Meg digressed, but due time will see the stunning star shine. Eurgh (77)

Jadon Sancho (92) – A stuttering start for the star, Sancho. A first season adapting was foreseen by many away from the counter & quick style of Bundesliga’ Borussia Dortmund for the measured Manchester. Time is key (92)

Kai Havertz (91) – Kai will be king, deflect the doubters & watch him rise as once did a Brazilian of similar attributes also hailing from Germany in the form of Hoffenheim. A player of value from underlying statistics she further uttered, at your peril will you write him off too soon (92)

Kevin Zefi (65) – Who!? She cried, a pause for a moment, before stardom for the Irish she stated as she sauntered wearily across the room (70)

Adam Hlozek (85) – A name to remember, Meg did promise, for Hlozek has a future of the highest level like once came compatriot Jan Koller. Whether however, Hlozek will hit the physical height of Koller, Meg would not murmur (87)

Raheem Sterling (94) – An ironic player to finish with, Meg said, as finish he cannot. Harsh I said, but she continued. A move in the making for Raheem, Meg promised, a positive prospect she believed it would be (94)

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