New life at PSV. Life? Don’t talk to me about life…

After 2 weeks in my new job at PSV I thought I would write a blog post about the story so far.

Its not been pretty…..

The squad is pretty average. When I had to spend time on google to research some of the players here I knew it wasnt a good sign! We have a number of players in mid to late 20’s whose ratings are probably safe but also are not likely to improve. (Apart from Ait Bennasser, who already dropped -2 since I arrived!) . We only have 4 players 30+ which is good, but I am not convinced by most of them at the moment. We need them for the ratings though!

That said, its not all doom and gloom and there are a few decent looking youngsters here, although arguably our best talent – Soteldo – has just decided to move to the MLS in real life so his progress might slow up somewhat.

Rating wise I feel we are well below average for this division, and my target to not get relegated pretty much reflects that! Working out how to improve the squad is proving tough. I need to get a feel for the internal market in this GW but external doesn’t look like it will be a whole lot of help in the short-term. Realistically for ratings this season what we have might be as good as its going to get, but I will see what I can find.

Results wise I started with a draw against fellow new-manager Lee, at fellow relegation battlers Bordeaux. We then lost back to back league matches against CSKA Moscow and Fernerbache, each by 1 goal.

In between we had a 4-1 cup win over Roma and a Youth Cup win over SC Internacional, so are still going in those, and the shield (bye in the first round)

I get the feeling its going to be a long backs-against-the-wall type season here but once I get familiar with squad I hope to carve out enough results to still be here next season! Looking forward to the challenge.

(And Feel free to approach with any transfers offers, big or small. )

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