Season 16 Division 5 Stats and facts

Swansea and Sao Paulo lead the pack.

Swansea are a power house team in D4 and should romp home at least to promotion.  Sao Paulo likewise while a point lower are 1 rating point ahead of the rest.  Spartak the only other team 219 plus are strong in midfield and attack but weaker at the back.

Seven teams then sit at 218 plus and we should consider these the play off contenders.  Cruziero are the pick of the bunch , no depth but high strength, a risky strategy that could pay off.

Boca are an interesting team, very weak in defence but strong in goal and up front.

If you need 217 to survive D4 then Atheltic Club and Lyon can also buy a ticket for the raffle.

Shaktar are much the weakest team, AZ lack depth but are well balanced and could finish much higher than 4th from last.

Swansea City 88.088.589.089.587.088.4221.181
São Paulo FC 88.088.888.588.586.088.0220.212
Spartak Moskva 87.087.588.588.586.087.5219.093
Olympiacos 88.088.388.387.585.087.4218.844
Rubin Kazan 89.088.387.588.086.087.8218.805
Sunderland 87.087.388.388.586.087.4218.697
FC Twente 87.087.887.888.086.087.3218.368
Boca Juniors 88.086.587.889.585.087.4218.349
Montpellier HSC 88.087.388.387.586.087.4218.1610
Athletic Club 87.086.887.888.085.086.9217.4412
Olympique Lyonnais 87.087.387.387.086.086.9216.9113
AS Saint-Etienne 88.086.887.387.085.086.8216.5115
VfB Stuttgart 89.087.586.886.583.086.6216.2716
AZ Alkmaar 87.086.887.
Independiente 87.086.587.386.585.086.5215.8718
Málaga CF 87.086.387.
Shakhtar Donetsk 86.085.587.387.584.086.1215.4820

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