Season 16 Division 4 Stats and Facts

CSKA or Wolfsburg for the title Lille and Besitkas for the 3rd spot?

While having no position solid above 90 CSKA still just lead the stats over Wolfsburg who are stronger in defence and midfield but weaker in attack. Lille go for the classic strong keeper / striker combo that works so well in the lower divisions. Besitkas look to get a good chunk of possesion

Beyond that a whole bunch of teams down to Cologne could feature in the playoffs. Since you really need to be 2018+ to surive in D3 that would seem to be the limit for any kind of promotion ambitions.

Teams that stick out in the play off crew are Leicester and Fenerbache with great keeper/midfield and keeper / attack combos respectively . The depth of Sampdoria, Villareal and Leicester could help them in the long term. Behind Besitkas I would see Leicester as a solid play off possibility.

Any team on 216 or less will have relegation concerns. The five teams do seem to be detached from the rest by some margin. Brugge have a clear problem in defence but are strong in attack. Lokomotiv, West Ham, PSV and Atalanta don’t really have that option but West Ham and Atalanta do at least have depth to make a late season surge

CSKA Moskva 89.088.388.889.586.088.3220.781
VfL Wolfsburg
Lille OSC
Beşiktaş JK 88.087.889.087.585.087.5219.044
Leicester City 89.087.388.887.586.087.7218.686
Dynamo Moskva 87.087.588.688.283.086.9218.587
Celta Vigo 88.087.887.888.085.087.3218.368
ACF Fiorentina 88.087.388.587.586.087.5218.369
Sampdoria 87.088.387.587.586.087.3218.2410
Villarreal CF
1. FC Köln 88.087.388.387.585.087.2218.0412
Olympique Marseille 87.087.388.
Fenerbahçe SK 90.087.387.
Girondins Bordeaux
Club Brugge KV
Lokomotiv Moskva
Atalanta BC 88.086.587.887.086.087.1216.8318
PSV 88.086.887.387.085.086.8216.5119
West Ham United 87.086.387.387.586.086.8216.4420

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