New era has begun…

But, it took time and a project!

On October 19, 2018, when I took charge of this team for the first time, I immediately set a goal, put Sporting Clube de Portugal where it deserves, in the first division!

I had just arrived at my dream job and the image of our club in this GW need to change.

I looked into my squad and i haven’t players with future.

My best ones are:

Inigo Martinez (90)

Adrien Silva (89)

Islam Slimani (89)

Kostas Fortounis (88)

Nathan Redmond (88)

Then I started trading my top players for lower rates.

Inigo Martinez(90) for Michael Keane(88) and Nahitan Nandez(88);

Adrien Silva(89) for Alfonso Pedraza(87);

Islam Slimani(89) for Hamari Traore(87);

Nathan Redmond for Zeki Celik(85) plus Gonzalo Plata(78);

Kostas Fortounis(88) por Rosier(85) plus Jhon Cordoba(87);

I lost quality at the moment but we won more options and future.

Since that moment, Sporting Clube de Portugal has a new project!

Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned, and two straight downs were the price to pay for bringing youth and future to our club.

But, Top 100 managers and directors trusted on our project, a new opportunity was given, and the seeds we had planted before are start growing and a special fruit was appear.

Reyna had grown up and was our golden boy, so we had a new opportunity to take a special and important step, we sacrificed Reyna and started the reformulation process, we brought a lot of good options to our squad.

With Gio Reyna we catch Saliba, Odegaard and Dragowski.After some weeks we trade Odegaard for Palhinha, Brekalo and Soumare.

So, Gio Reyna give us Saliba, Dragowski, Palhinha, Brekalo and Soumaré.

We have now, a full base team, plenty of talent and future.

After some changes and adjustments, we have our first XI for new season tonight:

And a second team, with solid and regular players on their teams.

we have a lot of expectations about these players:

However we still lack some options, we feel that the squad is short and we have to find more options or go back to changing the high rates, but for now, let’s wait.

Many changes are made and we didn’t get them all right, but we are happy with our path and we will continue.

Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of SM tactical knowledge, and that costs us a lot of points.

The commitment of building the Sporting Squad on Top 100 was the same as in repairing our van.

With our van we already celebrate a championship.

And with this team? Will we finally go to 2nd Div?

We are very convinced, this season will be our season and we will do everything to achieve it.

If it’s done with love, it will work!


Sorry for my bad english, im doing my best.

This van was recovered during second half of previous season to celebrate the 2020-2021 portuguese championship with my friends.

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