Eintracht Frankfurt Preview – T120

I took over Frankfurt with a blank squad, £40m to spend and done so while I was on holiday with very little phone signal! But I tried to undertake a long term project with the mindset that I needed to get a mix of good potential youth, mixed with some gambles.


I’ve been able to get a player backed up in each position for the cup matches, along with a good degree of versatility, though I do think I’m a little short in CM and on the left hand side.

Call Out Players

There are a number of players who I’ve invested in with the hope that they’ll make an impact both financially and on the pitch, this has already began (earlier than expected), with two risers in the squad in the first couple of weeks.

Karim Adeyemi

Adeyemi is a player I’ve followed for a couple of years, before Haaland became a star, Karim was playing for FC Leifering before being promoted into the Salzburg side. It’s my belief that Adeyemi will have a great season this season and my hope is this gets reflected in ratings!

Artur Cabral

Cabral wasn’t one that I had on my radar prior to joining this game world, but his goal contributions for Basel this season has been fantastic with 15 goals and 6 assists in just 10 games. This has earn’t Cabral a +2 a few days back. I’m not sure on how his ratings can improve much more, as he’ll be restricted by the club he’s at, but an 800k profit already and an 85 rated forward should give me some decent firepower in the short term.

Fabio Carvalho

Carvalho featured for Fulham in their relegation season and he looked decent, but it was his performance against Middlesbrough in the Championship that flagged him on my radar, he looked very threatening and well worth an investment of ~£480k. Since then he’s provided 3 Goals and an Assist for Fulham in the Championship and earn’t himself a +6, again sooner than I thought he’d rise but at only 18 (19 tomorrow!) he’s a one to watch this season and I expect, assuming no injuries, he’ll continue to rise into the 80’s by the end of the Championship season (Fulham are my pick for Championship winners this season).

Staring 11 and Bench

Finally, my first 11 and bench are above, I’m working on a plan of wingers feeding Cabral, already lost Dorsch so Busio will slot in and Carvalho will slot into Busio’s current position.


I’m not expecting too much this first season as there are some very strong squads who have invested in top players with the gamble of promotion. but I’m hoping to be in and around the play off’s which I wait for the team to improve. I’m unbeaten in my first 2 games (2 draws), but still work to do.

Thanks – Carl

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