Season 16 Division 2 stats and facts.

Internacional, Levante ,Southampton for the automatic slot with a raft of teams for the playoffs.

Alarmingly no team who could get promoted from D2 would finish outside the relegation zone in D1, so D2 teams have a hard job in balancing promotion and squad improvement.

Internacional are a solid 90 and have good depth, clear favourites for the top spot,  Levante are stronger in midfield and attack but less so at the back.   Southampton are the strongest attacking team and have a decent defence / midfield balance. Werder and Everton sit a little above the rest of the playoff pack, both going for attacking prowess to progress and maybe upset the top 3.

Spurs go for the balanced approach with Liverpool arguably more attack minded.  Lots of teams have a lot of depth, Santos could well manage a great cup run and AC Milan could finish higher if they can score a few.

Last year around 219 was relegation zone, so Roma will struggle although they are surely a work in progress. Newcastle and Galatasaray are weak at the back, with Schalke having midfield problems.

SC Internacional
Levante UD 89.088.391.591.586.089.3224.282
Southampton 89.089.591.
Werder Bremen 89.089.389.891.087.089.2223.474
Everton 89.089.390.
Tottenham Hotspur 89.089.390.589.586.088.9222.986
Liverpool 90.089.589.091.582.088.4222.927
Manchester United 88.089.389.890.585.088.5222.798
AC Milan 92.089.389.889.086.089.2222.419
Valencia CF 89.089.390.
Santos FC 88.088.588.890.587.088.6221.6311
AS Monaco 88.088.589.389.086.088.2220.9313
River Plate 88.088.389.
Aston Villa 88.088.389.
FC Schalke 04 90.087.887.889.586.088.2219.7017
Newcastle United 87.087.889.
Galatasaray SK 88.087.888.588.086.087.7219.0819
AS Roma 89.088.587.888.083.087.3218.8420

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