Season 16 Division 1 Stats and Facts

Can top team Barcelona hold off rivals Chelsea and Porto.

Barcelona have the best attack ,defence and joint best keeper. If they have a weaker point it could be slightly less depth than some rivals and depending on formation a weaker midfield.     Chelsea can match them in goal and beat them in midfield.

These two are clear of the pack but Porto should push them close at can match or beat Barca in midfield and have a potent front line. Juve have a similar set up and must be pushing for a top 4 finish this year.

Bayern should also have an option as they will suffer less from injuries with Real in a similar position.

Difficult to mention everyone but Hertha look to be an interesting prospect upfront , weaker at the back , should be many high scoring games.

222.53 was relegation zone so only really Stoke are in serious problems. Man City , PSG lack depth,  Leverkeusen have problems in midfield and attack but could be solid in defence .

Barcelona 95.093.392.597.587.093.1233.821
Chelsea 95.092.394.095.585.092.4232.682
FC Porto
Juventus 95.091.892.594.087.092.1230.344
Arsenal 92.091.592.893.087.091.3229.335
Bayern München 94.090.893.
Real Madrid
Atlético Madrid 90.090.592.092.586.090.2227.258
RCD Espanyol 92.091.892.090.586.090.5227.199
Hellas Verona 89.090.891.592.586.090.0226.9310
Genoa CFC 92.091.891.590.387.090.5226.7411
Borussia Dortmund 92.091.390.592.087.090.6226.6812
SL Benfica
Hertha BSC 89.089.392.392.585.089.6226.2114
Standard Liège
RSC Anderlecht
Manchester City 90.090.890.391.585.089.5225.2817
Bayer Leverkusen 90.090.889.889.588.089.6223.9418
Paris Saint-Germain 91.089.890.390.185.089.2223.6919
Stoke City 89.088.590.389.386.088.6222.0520

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