SEASON 13 – (Promoted to division 4)

On 20 August 2020, I was kindly offered the managers job at Besiktas JK in division 5, and took them over from Dr Martinez.

The team were in a play off spot in 7th, and had W7-D6-L6 and had £2.7M. I decided that I would play the existing squad and see what I could get out of the players, although I did delve into the transfer market, I only made minor changes. The team dropped down the league as it took time for me to get the players and formation/tactics sorted. We slowly climbed back up the league and were fortunate enough to finish in 7th position with W16-D10-L12 and 58 points. We won the play off final and were promoted to division 4. Also in this season the club reached the “World Club Final”

SEASON 14 (Play offs)

The current team had performed well enough in season 13, so they were given the opportunity to continue with the club in season 14. Again, minimal activity was made in the transfer market with only minor changes taking place.

Another tough season gave us the opportunity to see how well we could perform at a higher level, and to see if any changes were needed. We managed to end up in 4th with W18-D9-L11 and 63 points. Unfortunately we were unable to reach the play off final and so were not promoted. Again we reached the “World Club Final”

Around 6/7 games before the end of the season I made a successful application to manage Manchester United. I was left to see out the remainder of the season with Besiktas and to take over the role at Manchester at the start of season 15. 

How did I do – twice in the play offs in divisions 4 & 5 and a promotion to division 4 seems a fair result in a short time. A points ratio of 2.11 is the best of any manager since the creation of TOP100 for Besiktas.



I need to like the name of a club I manage, and Besiktas just didn’t do it for me. I had almost 2 seasons with them and managed to get into the play offs both seasons and promoted once. I also reached the “World Club Cup” in both seasons. I had left Besiktas in a higher division than I found them and with around £50M more.

I believed that I had cut my teeth in TOP100 and proved that I could get more out of a club, with the existing set of players.

SEASON 15 (Promoted to division 2)

There was a reasonable team at United, but the bench was weak and they only had 34 players. My initial purchase for the bench was Lindoso(86)DM,M(C) and at 30yo looked stable. I also purchased some youth players hoping that 1/2 might eventually make the first team. We were now in a better position and hopefully also for the future.

The team had a first 11 average rating of 89, and with this, should have finished in the top 7. Over the season I obtained two players to strengthen the bench, Antalyali(85)DM,M,AM(C) 26yo who’s rating increased by 6 in 2021 and Rioja(86)M,AM(RL) 27yo who rose by 3 in 2021 (both increased their ratings prior to my signing them). I also lost Edouard who became unhappy and I exchanged him for Nketiah(85) 22yo and Colassin(76)20yo ( I took some stick for this)

It took a while to find the right players/formations/tactics and after mixed fortunes, we eventually finished 5th with W17-D9-L12 and 60 points. We managed to win the play off final and were therefore promoted to division 2. 


On paper, we have a first 11 average of 89 still and should finish mid table of 8th – 13th. 

It is my intention to stay at United and get them back into the first division where they belong. This season I will aim to be mid table and assess what we need for a push for promotion in season 17. It will be interesting to see what rises the players will get and whether we can push for the play offs this season.

How am I doing – Promotion in my first season is not a bad start and reminds me of my start at Besiktas

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