Juventus – Building what was already built?

15 Seasons in at Juventus & plenty of change has occurred for The Old Lady, despite what some might suggest for the successes of the Bianconeri.

With Top 100 starting around 2nd August 2015, Juventus were taken on by DP in Top 100 in a pretty transitional position for the squad IRL upon ages in the squad & sales prior to Top 100 starting & deals concluded after. Despite this, Juventus were certainly placed within Top 100s format of being a top 10% side in terms of level of competition, without question.

The Season 1 Squad

Gianluigi BuffonGK3794
Emil AuderoGK1975
Giorgio ChielliniCB3194
Martín CáceresCB/LB/RB2989
Andrea BarzagliCB3491
Leonardo BonucciCB2993
Daniele RuganiCB2187
Stephan LichtsteinerRB/RWB3289
Patrice EvraLB3591
Sami KhediraCDM2992
Claudio MarchisioCM3092
Paul PogbaCM/AM2392
Simone PadoinRM/CM/RB3287
Kwadwo AsamoahCM/LM/LWB2791
Stefano SturaroCDM/CM2386
Roberto PereyraAM/LW2590
Simone ZazaCF2588
Álvaro MorataCF2390
Mario MandžukićCF3092
Paulo DybalaAM/CF2288
Andrea FavilliCF1975
Simone PepeCF3187
Fernando LlorenteCF3690
Kingsley ComanW1983
Mauricio IslaCM/RM/LM2790
Paolo De CeglieCB2887
Alberto CerriCF1980

What else had happened in that seasons window? Well Juventus were in a moment of selling players so as to acquire new additions to the squad.

Players sold prior to the creation of Top 100 & not making the Juventus squad;

Alessandro MatriCF3088
Marco StorariGK3884
Andrea PirloCDM/CM3690
Luca MarroneCM2586
Angelo OgbonnaCB2788
Carlos TevezCF3193
Arturo VidalCDM/CM2894
Domenico BerardiW/CF2087

Finally there were the players that were frustratingly for DP, signed after the creation of Top 100 & therefore missing the squad in the game world;

Alex SandroLB/LWB2590
Juan CuadradoAM/RW2791
Mario LeminaCM2186

Rating the Squad

So Juventus started in Top 100 with a 30 man first-team, of course mixed between primarily first team players & additional youths with of course further squad players in a nearer 70 man team that had to be cut down to the 50 man squad limit. The 30 man squad had an average rating of 85.2.

The best starting 11 would have lined up in a 4-3-3; Buffon 94, Lichtsteiner 89, Evra 91, Bonucci 93, Chiellini 94, Marchisio 92, Pogba 92, Khedira 92, Mandzukic 92, Morata 90, Llorente 90, therefore an average rating of 91.7.

The squads average age would have come in at 26.5, whilst the age of the likely starting 11 was 30.5.

In real life, the squad with the later additions of; Alex Sandro, Juan Cuadrado, Mario Lemina & Hernanes would go on to win Serie A by 9 points, the Coppa Italia, beating AC Milan in the final, however they were knocked out of the Champions League by Bayern Munich in the Round of 16.


15 seasons later in Top 100, Juventus have been ever present in Division 1 in Top 100 as you would have expected from the team that first started back in Season 1.

In regards to their Division 1 history, the club has ranged in league finishes from anywhere between 10th & 2nd in the league ironically so given the clubs initial position of being a club of the top 10% in Top 100 by its starting squad. The clubs average finishing league position in Division 1 has been 6.5, perhaps distorted by the 2x 10th placed finishes the club achieved in Season 5 & Season 14, however perhaps at least the Season 5 finish of 10th could be forgiven as in that season Juventus became the first team to win both cups in 1 single season, something nobody else has achieved to date in 15 Seasons.
Otherwise, the most consistent finish for Juventus has been 4th in Top 100.

Season 15 actually proved to be Juventus’ highest ever finish in 2nd place despite various seasons spent at the top of the table & thus clearly the feat has been unobtainable for the pairing of DP & Juventus to date.

Whilst Season 15 was Juventus’ highest ever finish, there were 6 other seasons where the club achieved more wins over a season, a further 3 being of the same quantity. In regards to loses, Juventus have lost less in 3 previous seasons & the same amount on 3 occasions also. In a total of 7 seasons, Juventus have achieved a better goal difference for which Season 15 totalled a +25 figure.
Finally for points totals, Juventus have actually attained more points over a season on 6 occasions, the same on 1 further occasion. The clubs best totals for the least losses actually came in Season 13, which was also the clubs highest for wins in a season & total points, however in that season the club on finished in 3rd.

So what successes have Juventus achieved in 15 Seasons?

Juventus are actually the 2nd most successful club in Top 100 history by total competition wins, spanning division & cup trophies, whilst they hold in addition the title of most successful cup team.
A breakdown of the clubs trophy haul over 15 Seasons – Juventus – DP91 (11).

  • x2 – Charity Shield
  • x2 – Top 100 Cup
  • x3 – Top 100 Shield
  • x3 – Top 100 Youth Cup
  • x1 – Top 100 Youth Shield.

The next best club/manager pairing was Barcelona & Scott Mckenzie, returning 8 wins as a collective, however for all round competition wins for all league & cup titles, Scott Mckenzie is currently some way out in front with an impressive 16 wins.

Where is the Juve squad now?

Juventus have of course seen plenty of transition over 15 seasons & what is 6 years in the making by real life standards. The squad has been higher rated but finished lower & achieved its best league finish by points in a season after it’s strongest first 11 rating by average was disbanded. The clubs latest & highest by league position finish came in a season where the club experimented with formations for 21 games before reverting to more recognised tactics & ended up finishing in 2nd position in the league.

In terms of players & positions, the squad is perceived to be in a good position, a position some believe could challenge for honours in Season 16 & perhaps the clubs first Division 1 title.

Jan OblakGK2895
Ersin DestanogluGK2083
Matthijs De LigtCB2292
Benoit BadiashileCB2088
Nathan WoodCB1973
Soumaila CoulibalyCB1770
Levi ColwillCB1870
Timothee PembeleCB1875
Lucas HernandezLB/CB2591
Tanguy NianzouCB1978
Benjamin PavardRB/CB2591
Devyne RenschCB/RB/LB1882
Mitchel BakkerLB2185
Aster VranckxCM1882
Ethan AmpaduCB/CDM2083
Yann CoutoRB1980
Jeremie FrimpongRB/LB2083
Hans HateboerRB/CB2790
Joshua KimmichCDM/RB2695
Manu KoneCDM2082
Xavi SimonsCM1870
Gio ReynaAM1887
Bernardo SilvaAM2793
Phil FodenCM/AM/LW2190
Pedri GonzalezCM/AM1889
Florian WirtzAM1887
Jamal MusialaAM/W1885
Adam KarabecCM/AM/W1880
Eliano ReijndersAM2078
Bukayo SakaLB/LW/AM/RW1989
Romelu LukakuCF2894
El Bilal ToureCF1983
Joshua ZirkzeeCF2082
Fabio BlancoW1770
Jadon SanchoW2192
Kai HavertzW/AM/CF2291
Adam HlozekCF1985
Kevin ZefiW/CF1665
Raheem SterlingW2694

From the additional 12 players to the Season 1 squad, the average rating comes out at an 80.1 mark, a drop of 5.1 for the extra numbers, whilst the average age is just 19.8, a drop in age of 6.7, perhaps explaining the squads overall drop in average rating.

The best first 11 would likely be made up by; Jan Oblak 95, Benjamin Pavard 91, Lucas Hernandez 91, Matthijs De Ligt 92, Marquinhos 94, Joshua Kimmich 95, Bernardo Silva 93, Jadon Sancho 92, Kai Havertz 91, Raheem Sterling 94, Romelu Lukaku 94.

This first 11 ranks at 92.9, an increase of 1.2 points for the average, however the average age of the Season 1 squad came in at 5.3 years older by average as the current best 11 averaged 25.2 years.

If we were to further compare the squads by the 30 players attributed to the Season 1 squad, the average rating of the current 30 man squad would be 88.1, a 2.9 average rating increase compared to the initial squad. As for the average age from now compared to Season 1, the squad right now averages at 21.7 some 4.8 years younger than the squad back in Season 1.

In Summary

Season 30 Man Squad – Average Age30 Man Squad – Average RatingStarting 11 – Average AgeStarting 11 – Average Rating

Juventus have come a long way & perhaps now the mantra as The Old Lady, should actually be changed to The Young Lady. A squad built for the future, whilst remaining competitive throughout the 15 Seasons, attaining 11 competition wins, however still perhaps the squad & manager will be judged only for the missing Division 1 title.


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