Top 100 Leadership – A History, A Change and the Future…

Top 100 is arguably the longest living (current) interactive, large custom gameworld in Soccer Manager Worlds.

The gameworld began back in Summer 2015 – with 100 managed clubs and 6 years and 15 seasons later the gameworld is still full, still active and still very much competitive.

Each season on top of the usual competitions – the community also organise internal competitions – youth cups, world club cups – see all in the History page –

So what of the original fathers of the gameworld and the future – current gameworld owner Sir Stephen Beddows explains all.

Beddows addresses the Top100 faithful at a recent meeting

Beddows has thanked Mr Frank Hirst – the Godfather – and his lieutenant, the loyal David Marsden, recently unveiling a great honour to the pair in the middle of Top100 Towers for their hard work for Seasons 1-15. An honour which is set to draw thousands of SMW members to pay homage to their great sacrifices and work.

The new statue to honour the contributions of the great leaders and visionaries

Moving onto Season 16 – 6 years since Top100’s inception a new dawn (for better or for worse) is dawning – with Beddows officially joined by Dan Payne and Dan Wallace in managing the world – including the creation of Top120 – an add on to the main gameworld – so what has changed? and what has stayed the same?

David Marsden is taking a back seat and we wish him well and a massive thank you for his hard work. He is accepting SM Credits in payment for his hard work if anyone wishes to reward him?

World Club Cup – will remain the same – and managed by Mark Deadman and Dan Wallace

Youth Cup – to be organised and managed by David Marsden but seeks a helper to help him? Please drop Beddows, Payne or Wallace a message if you are willing to step up?

Contracts – to introduce a level of realism all Division 1 managers have agreed to a 3 season contract with specific season by season targets. The reason for this – simple – to keep it realistic and to keep the gameworld active. Could it have a negative impact – maybe? But an experiment we are willing to try. IF a manager thinks they have a club for live might it make them complacent and become a passenger to Top 100?

Plus the managerial merry-go round at the end of each season always has been an exciting addition that most custom gameworlds do not have – it rejuvenates the market and gives a level of jeopardy due to the bottom 3 in each division (max 15 potentially losing their jobs)

Please note all reappointed managers and new managers also have a contract. If a manager were to refuse could this could against them for future jobs? Or if they were to be sacked for finishing bottom 3 could they lose their job? Simple scenario really – if all managers agree bar 1 – would it be fair for that 1 to lose their job? I’d say so.

Top 120 – a stolen idea – but an add on league – the next 20 clubs who aren’t in Top100 in a separate GW. Short seasons which for the first 4 seasons will more or less run alongside Top100. Achieve in Top120 and opportunities will arise in Top 100. It is a critical tool for us to be able to gauge if a manager is good enough to join the main world – will they contribute? will they be active in the market? On the newsfeed? On the blog and other platforms? Already in early September 2 will be promoted to Top100.

I think most will agree whilst not perfect Top100 is a model that many gameworlds have sought to learn from over the years and its longevity is testament to what hard work, drive and community shows.

If you are reading this as a non Top 100 member but wish to join the waiting list then see the link below

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