How Many Points Do You Need (S16)?

I’ve updated my spreadsheet averaging out the number of points needed to win the title, avoid the sack, etc. across all seasons.

As the number of seasons increase, each additional season’s stats make less and less difference to the average.

So this time I’ve only include the last five seasons’ data (S11 to S15), on the basis that this may give a better idea taking into account any trends during this time.

S11 to S15 average points needed

Compared to all seasons’ data (S1 to S14), we can see that it’s slightly easier (haha!) to win D1 and to avoid relegation and the sack.

Winning D2, D3 and D4 is also easier, but D5 got a bit harder to win.

It’s slightly easier to gain automatic promotion in D3, but harder in D5.

More points are now needed to survive in D4.

It’s getting easier to avoid the sack in D2 and D5, but harder in D3 and D4.

Average points needed in all seasons from S1 to S14

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