Season 15 Summary & Top 100 History

As Season 15 comes to a close, a review of how far some clubs & managers have come, the achievements within Season 15 itself & the rankings of clubs Top 11 players moving forward into Season 16 & beyond. All stats, facts, figures, rankings & titles over the seasons mentioned.

Division 1

In 15 seasons we have only ever seen x4 winners of Division 1.

Manchester United – Season 1 (1)
Barcelona – Season 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15 (9)
Bayern Munich – Season 4, 5, 8 (3)
Chelsea – Season 13, 14 (2)

These honours have been achieved by x6 managers in total.

Joe Jordan – Manchester United (1)
Scott Mckenzie – Barcelona (8)
Gursimran Brar – Bayern Munich (2)
Ruts66 – Bayern Munich (1)
James Mckenzie – Chelsea (2)
Dan Wallace – Barcelona (1)

Division 1 Winners over 15 seasons

Winning Managers of Division 1 over 15 seasons

Now in season 15, how does the Division look as Dan Wallace, Barcelona take his debut title win & their 9th success.

Thanks to Malcolm, stats & facts from D1 we have some early Season 15 numbers as well as end of season numbers to compare against. Both of these systems for evaluation will be referred too throughout the analysis.

When summarising those players on the pitch down from the 50 man squads available to clubs, Season 15 league winners, Barcelona, are in fact the #2 team in Division 1 whilst Season 13 & 14 winners, Chelsea, are in actual fact the highest ranking 11 assembled on the final day of Season 15, however they finish #5.

Fellow previous winners of Division 1, Bayern Munich, now managed by Bojan H, can be found in #4 position, their 11 however some 1.7 rating points below #1 Chelsea & 1.3 below #2 Barcelona.
Manchester United, the first ever Division 1 winners however cannot be found in Division 1, the side languishing in Division 3, hoping to find a return to Division 2 via playoffs.

Season 15s 2nd placed Juventus, managed by DP91 since day 1, the #4 side by their best 11 rating have never won Division 1, much to the common comments of some Top 100 managers. The Italians & Top 100s most successful Cup team, have constantly achieved high finishes within Top 100 but have moreover constantly been short of their first Division 1 title in all but 1 season.

FC Porto, the club somewhat a surprise compared to other names, to be found in the upper echelons of Division 1, are actually now Top 100s #3 rated side upon their best 11 ranking, achieving a 3rd placed finish in Season 15. Long serving Andre Guerra has overseen constant improvements for the Portuguese outfit, achieving an immense status for himself & his club. Could he go on to achieve a title win in Division 1 in the future & perhaps become Division 1s 5th club & 7th manager to achieve the feat?

Finally at the top end of the table & within a 92+ category for best 11s is Arsenal, now managed by Heath Brown. Under the stewardship of Heath in recent seasons, Arsenal have grown to become Top 100s #5 best 11 in fact & staked a claim in what is perhaps the Top 6 of Top 100.

Clearly however, there are not straight forward assumptions to be made of a Top 6, as Hertha Berlin snuck into said positions in Season 15, despite a 1.2 rating disadvantage by seasons end over #6 placed in the rankings, Bayern Munich. Hertha in fact achieved a +6 finish on their ranking position through the leadership of Regan Thompson, debatably providing one of the biggest shocks of the season when it comes to numbers.

Division 1 – Season 15

In Season 15, Division 1 had a disparity in best 11 ratings of 5 rating points from #1 to #20 when it came to a close, quite a gap between the divisions best & worst, whilst the average rating for an 11 in D1 was 91.27. Both Real Madrid & Dortmund were of the average themselves by numbers, however finished in 16th & 11th respectively, maybe therein suggesting more importance to the squad game than the 11s alone.

In summary within Division 1, it may be suggested that a 93+ rated 11 could successfully challenge for the title, however as shown by the position of the highest ranked 11 in Season 15, it cannot be taken for granted that numbers alone will get the job done. Elsewhere, in achieving the average for the Division, you may ensure you can at least avoid relegation to Division 2.

Division 2

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Division 2 has had a whole host of winners over the years & only Dortmund & SC Internacional, currently managed by Dario Saviano in Division 1 & Robérto Downinho, now of Cruzeiro have ever won the division twice, perhaps therefore these two could be the more renowned ‘bounce’ sides in the past too yo-yo between the top two tiers.

Here’s the history of Division 2 & the winning managers over the seasons.

The only manager to had actually previously been required to win Division 2 on multiple occasions to date was Robérto Downinho.

As for season 15, things have changed. Hellas Verona & Andre Libras-Boas have become the first same club pairing to win Division 2 on two occasions, perhaps a good title, perhaps not so much. Hellas have therefore joined Dortmund as a bounce side from Division 2 & Division 1, at least from the winners perspective as plenty more have needed to bounce between over the seasons, but none in doing so almost easily out of Division 2 but then to struggle a little in Division 1 & return to the 2nd tier.

Here’s the Season 15 league table.

Season 15 – Final League Table

At the time of writing, Stoke City, managed by Sebastian Campillo will face off against Tottenham Hotspur, managed by Liam Pigott in the Division 2 playoff final, two teams that were only separated by 3 goals through 38 games, ensuring that one manager will be sincerely frustrated with another season in the 2nd tier come 8:30pm Monday 16th August.

Above them & already promoted are bounce side SL Benfica, managed by ruts66, whom have been in Division 1 in the past before finished 2nd in the table just 1 point above the playoff places & also just 3 points behind predicted & expected league winners, Hellas Verona. Benfica will move into Division 1 as one of the mid-table teams by strength of the first 11 at least & aim to stabilise their status as a Division 1 giant.

In 3rd & promoted on goal difference in one of the tightest seasons Division 2 or any division has seen over the years is Standard Liege, guided by Mike Scalotti. Standard, ever active in the market, have constantly improved their side, as standard, no pun intended, for Mike in his management processes & now hit the big heights of Division 1 for the first time as a pair, second time for Standard Liege. In this, Standard have became Belgiums 2nd side to make the top after Anderlecht some seasons back under the guidance of Gursimran Brar, whom breached through all 5 divisions.

A mention to Everton who missed out on playoffs by a solitary goal this season, a brutal way to miss out on the final day, perhaps RJ Alston will be looking to strengthen at both ends in a busy transfer window to ensure it doesn’t happen in Season 16.

7th to 17th, separated by only 10 points is another big point in understanding just how competitive Division 2 was in season 15. Schalke, fairly recently managed by Andrew Achilleos, on the final day leaped out of the relegation places, managing to avoid the drop on a +3 goal difference over Hamburg, managed by David Marsden who will feel they just left it too late to escape the drop, having picked up 6 points in the last two games but still went down on goal difference.

Division 2 Best Ranked 11 versus Season Position

Statistically, relegated & 20th, Dynamo Kyiv, managed by Gary Naylor we’re expected to finish bottom upon their best 11 being ranked as such & they whimpered to the drop as well, some 20 points from safety in the end, almost only totalling half the points of the first team outside of the drop.

The final day actually saw Tottenham Hotspur as the biggest losers as they dropped from 2nd in the league, in the 3 automatic promotion spots, to falling out of them completely & even into the 2nd spot for the 4 in the playoffs. Despite this drastic & dramatic drop that would have hurt no end for Liam, Spurs actually overachieved most from their final league position versus the strength of their best 11 ranked players, therein ensuring that big praise should be given to Liam despite the final day drama. The playoff final will actually see joint 2nd highest overachievers Stoke City fighting it out for the final promotion spot aforementioned, a shame that both cannot go up & be praised for top seasons.
Doubling back, Spurs in fact would go on to finish runners-up in the playoff final to Stoke City.

Some big disappointments perhaps in Southampton & Rob Ryan with a -6 on their best 11 rank versus league finish however one win more would have seen a playoff finish & potential shootout for promotion, with Division 2 being so tight, the disappointments are almost wiped out due to the divisions competitiveness. Despite this however, from bottom to top a 3.8 variance in best 11s is quite a gap leaving much to debate. Levante under Salvatore Zerbo were another with a disappointing final day rank versus league position however they only made the market changes middle to late season meaning they can be discounted over the season unless comparisons to Malcolm’ D2 stats & facts are made & debated as below.

Further down the table were Bremen under Paddy D, they & Paddy are a consistent in the market & can perhaps be afforded the changes made to the squad through the season as to why the end of the season values were predicted to be higher than final position suggests. The lowest return however came from Sassuolo, once risen to lofty heights under the stewardship of Bob ‘Groucho’ Sal & now returned to Division 3 under Chris Mackenzie whom understandable had not been afforded a luxury of time for dedication to SM & perhaps showcased the biggest example of the implications of not having time for attention to a side in Top 100. There are no doubts however that Chris can get Sassuolo firing again & back into Division 2 before long once more.

Division 3

Division 3 was won by Aston Villa, overseen by Adam in Season 15. Pre-season the side had a prediction for finishing in 2nd & they overachieved by going one better & winning the league by a solid 5 point margin & the best goal difference in the division. The end of the season best 11 stats actually suggested a similar outcome in that Villa should have finished 2nd yet finished 1st, highlighting the brilliant season for the club.

Season 15 – Division 3 Table

In 2nd place was the Jack Grealish army, managed by King Kev, the Turkish side actually achieving the highest PVA from Malcom’s stats & facts & a +8 within the best 11 rankings, showcasing across various formats of analysis just how good the season was for Galatasaray SK. The 88.1 average of the best 11 players would statistically rank 10th, yet with Kev at the wheel, they finished some 16 points better off than 10th in the table.

The final automatic spot was achieved by River Play & Jay Jones, another of many over-achievers by statistical analysis methods. River in gaining promotion to Division 2 in Season 15 actually achieved back-to-back promotions after their Division 4 success back in Season 14, a tremendous achievement from Jay Jones. They finished 6 points above the top playoff spot, showing just how much the three sides at the top ran away with things this season in Division 3, a league separated top to bottom for first 11 strength by 2 rating points. River finished the season in top form which saw them leap above long time automatic spot side Dnipro managed by Mark Deadman. Mark was this seasons best overachiever across the whole of Top 100, a +15 finish on best 11 ranking, the 2nd highest PVA from Malcom’ stats & facts which had actually predicted his side a 20th placed finish. Despite the heartache of missing out on promotion, Dnipro & Mark were one of the stories of the season as the very much unwanted Ukrainians almost achieved the impossible, certainly a manager of the season candidate.

Division 3 Stats & Facts from Pre-Season

Stats & facts predicted that Manchester United, managed by Ken Keeley would finish in 4th wherein that actually finished 5th, however within the analysis of the divisions strongest 11s at the end of the season, Manchester United recorded the strongest 11 in the league, perhaps doubly suggesting a disappointing season for the Red Devils. This however is perhaps not the final story as in the playoffs, United saw off Mark Deadman’ Dnipro side on penalties, a killer blow to the overachievers whilst a debatably underachieving United got the end they very much should have & promotion back to Division 2 for the worlds biggest club.

Dinamo Zagreb managed by David Inglis finished as predicted by strongest 11 & -1 place within the stats & facts, a very on point season from the former Everton manager, accompanying them in the final playoff spot in season 15 were Simon Thomas’ Monchengladbach side who overachieved in the stats & facts with a +3 & a +1 by best 11, another very on-point team for the season, perhaps ticking over for a big push at promotion in Season 16.

Best 11 Players versus Finishing position for Season 15 in Division 3

A second -4 on best 11 came in the form of West Bromwich Albion managed by Nuno Bento. The Baggies late run of poor form saw them fall short of the playoffs. A late big signing was not enough to enable WBA to get back into the playoffs & they’ll now have another season in Division 3. With the side being just outside of the divisions current automatic spots however, it will be likely that they will be in contention for automatic promotion in Season 16.

Fellow Portuguese manager, Joao Alves who manages at Sporting CP will be another manager whose side should be in the mix in Season 16. The side has constantly improved in recent seasons & post season 15 has gone on to improve it’s primary playing squad once more. At the end of Season 15 they sit in 6th for the current contingent of best 11s however with further changes on the horizon there will be yet another big contender for promotion to Division 2 next season. This being said, a poor final position from Sporting meant a disappointing review in both best 11s & the stats & facts, better times ahead.

The divisions biggest underachievers were Flamengo, managed by Mark Phelps. His all Brazilian project has many plaudits but perhaps they’ve been underachieving despite the cohesion you’d think to find in a side like his. A -14 by the best 11 ranking & a -12 & bottom placed finish from the stats & facts would suggest a very poor season, but despite this, Flamengo had a 2nd trophy added to their cabinet in Season 15 as we’ll come onto later.

Dropping out of division 3 were 4 sides although only 3 of them were expected to be in contention for relegation by their best 11s rank & further supported by the start of the seasons stats & facts also. Division 3 perhaps therefore a very inactive division in theory for improvements to first 11s over the season when comparing the start to finish rankings for playing squads.

Finishing bottom were Con Mammoth’ CSKA Moskva side whom were predicted to finish around 13th & by their best 11 thought to have been likely for a 10th spot. It is believed that Con can steer CSKA back to Division 3 with the strength of the side, however Division 4 possesses some top sides & a tighter level of competition from top to bottom & so it might not be so easy as first expected. Cologne, now managed by Gursimran Brar, in Season 15 by Giuseppe Glaviano are expected to be much changed under the management of Brar & one of the unpredictables for Season 16 due to this. A contract to enable a long term project build at the club should enable one of Top 100s most successful managers time to eventually put Cologne on the map in Top 100 going by his history with Anderlecht & additional successes with Bayern Munich.

Celtic managed by Hugo Costa finished a disappointing 19th however were predicted to do some in the pre-seasons stats & facts however his best 11 suggested a relegation avoiding 15th position was possible. The somewhat longer term build at Celtic & subsequent contract will hopefully see the Scottish side see better times in seasons to come. Finally is Davy Vanderendriessche’ Club Brugge side, finishing as statistically predicted in 17th by best 11. A -5 from pre-season suggests that the tactics used by Davy in the market may have enabled a longer term build & future, however in the short term it has cost the Belgians a further Division 3 season. Division 4 will certainly be packed with very consistently rated sides & projects in Season 16.

Historically for Division 3, this is now the 2nd time Aston Villa have won the Division title however some 12 seasons later find themselves in no better position therefore. Sporting will be in a good position to perhaps win a 2nd Division 3 title in Season 16, perhaps following a pattern, meaning CSKA will win Division 4 in Season 16 & Division 3 in Season 17, no pressure Con!

Division 3 Winners

Division 3 after Season 15 has now won the division on two occasions over the years, back in Season 3 & now in Season 15, although with two different managers whom now manage Swansea City, Rahul W, recently relegated to Division 5 & of course Aston Villa currently, Adam.

Division 3 Winning Managers

Division 4

Division 4 gets tighter still in the difference in ratings from the best 11 to the worst however at the top of the table, FK Partizan, managed by Nuno Marques ensured they delivered the expected outcome by their best 11 & further supporting squad analysed within the stats & facts, a brilliant season & 6 point cushion on top of a joint best goal difference. Subsequently Nuno has earned himself a new job in Top 100 for his achievements, showcasing plaudits being rewarded in Top 100.

Runners up, Crystal Palace had a very different expectation for the season, a prediction of a 9th place finish & an end of season best 11 rank which put them in at 8th shows just how good of a season on the pitch manager J Walker was able to achieve. Despite little in the way of market activity for improving his sides chances, J, guided the team to a 7 point margin over the playoff spots.

In the final automatic spot was Mr Trx, Malcolms Augsburg side. As the joint predicted top side for the season, in achieving promotion Augsburg certainly done well enough to not disappoint despite a 10 point margin of distance to fellow highest rated 11 FK Partizan. Within the stats & facts analysis however the German side finished as predicted in 3rd. A very respectable season for club & manager where expectations were certainly met in the final goal being the same, position or not.

Division 4 Table for Season 15

The playoff final was contested by Feyenoord & ACF Fiorentina, the two lowest placed playoff finishing sides, however there were only 4 points to separate all four sides in the playoffs, certainly leaving little to begrudge between competitors. In the final, Feyenoord managed by Kevin McGregor were the eventual winners by a 2-0 margin over Broon’ Florence side. Feynoord had recorded the least loses of the sides in the playoffs over the season & the joint second least for the league as a whole, certainly a factor into the playoff fixtures no doubt. Feyenoord were in fact predicted to finish 8th within the pre-season stats & facts & 6th within the best 11s for the end of the season, perhaps suggesting a bit of an overachievement for Kevin in what was clearly a brilliant season.

Lokomotiv Moskva were the divisions biggest overachievers for Season 15, finishing in 5th under Lewis Tugby’ stewardship, actually attaining a second highest + rating by best 11s within the entirety of Top 100 behind Dnipro. With the last 6 games only totalling 5/18 points it could be suggested that the wheels came off at the end of what was a brilliant achievement.

The unlucky 4th placed side came in the form of Lille OSC, managed by Ross Falconer. Missing out on automatic promotion by 3 points + goal difference & falling out of the playoffs at the first hurdle, it was a tough end to a good campaign from the French side. In finishing in 4th however, both by pre-season stats & facts as well as best 11 rank, Lille overachieved slightly in Season 15, setting good foundations for another promotion push in Season 16.

Best 11 Ranking v Finishing Position

Big achievers for bettering their best 11s rated position were PSV guided by Feargal Hickey finishing in 9th but having the 17th rated best 11 & Atalanta BC, managed by Walter Gogh who were ranked as the 18th best starting 11 however finished just below PSV in 10th. Both sides had therefore overachieved with a +8 finish in the league, although interestingly by the pre-season stats & facts the sides were believed to be likely of finishing only 1 place below the positions that they both ended up the season in.

One of the highest underachievers were the now departed from the game world, Michael H’s Besiktas side whose best 11 was thought to be of a quality to finish 3rd in the league & thus in finishing in 11th they were quite some was down the table come seasons end to where he 11 could have been & this was furthermore supported by the pre-seasons stats & facts. It is certainly disappointing to see long term Top 100 manager, Michael, leave the game world & potentially SM in general, we wish him all the best & hope he will return to Top 100 in the future.

Division 4 Winners over the seasons

Division 4 is another division without a multiple time winner in 15 seasons however there has been one manager to win the division on two occasions, Mike Scalotti with both Southampton & Standard Liege, any club needing a manager here to take them out of the division need look no further, however with Standard Liege now risen to Division 1, could Mike ever be lured back down to do it again in Division 4.

Division 4 Winning Managers

The two biggest under achievers were also long term managers within Top 100, Roberto Downinho & Rahul W at Cruzeiro & Swansea City respectively. Swansea ended up holding up the division despite their sides best 11 ranking being #4 in the division in addition to the stats & facts prediction also. Rahul will nod doubt be disappointed with the season for the Swans & look to bounce back as soon as possible to Division 4. We know Rahul’ credentials both on the pitch & in the market & as an asset to the community, there can be little doubt that Swansea will be there or thereabouts in Division 5. Roberto in addition has overseen one of the best builds in Top 100 history in the past with Internacional, now in aiming to change the fortunes of fellow Brazilian side, Cruzeiro, he will no doubt be another manager eager to show his credentials once more in Division 5 next season as the division perhaps sees one of its most competitive seasons to date.

Stats & Facts for Division 4.

A final shoutout to Shakhtar Donetsk & manager Nick Justice. Despite being relegated to Division 5, Nick, returned to Top 100 to take over the Ukrainian side in a believed unsurmountable position & almost pulled off perhaps the greatest escapes in Top 100 history. Two points & goal difference was the end by the final games full-time whilst however Shakhtar collected around 2/3 of their final points total in the short spell where Nick was in charge. Ever present in the transfer market in addition since his return, Shakhtar are building for a long term future. Whether or not they will be amongst the challengers in Season 16 will be up for debate, however few will argue the side being in good or not hands to enable their future to be a positive one.

Division 5

Division 5 in Season 15

A runaway duo in Division 5 & overachievers, Girondins Bordeaux & West Ham United, managed in

A runaway duo in Division 5 & overachievers, Girondins Bordeaux & West Ham United, managed in Season 15 by Ash L & Joao Rocha. Both clubs achieved a +10 rank compared to the predicted finish upon the strength of their starting 11s in what were brilliant seasons & achievements for the pair. Pre season the stats & facts predicted a 9th place finish for West Ham United whilst Bordeaux were predicted to finish in 16th, really therein emphasising the achievement Ash managed with his side. Subsequently, Ash has now moved onto Valencia who were relegated from Division 1 in Season 15, whilst Joao Rocha is continuing his project with The Hammers at this stage.

The final promoted side leaped into the automatic spots on the final day. Leicester City & gaffer Doug Earle, the ever present market mover, pipped Sampdoria managed by Stephen Beddows on the final day, a drop in the final 6 games seeing the Italian side pickup only 9 points whilst Leicester City finished in fine form, taking 13 from the final 18 available. In addition to West Ham United & Bordeaux, Leicester City & Sampdoria were predicted to finish mid table at the start of the season by the figures in the stats & facts, however through Doug’ wheeling & dealing at Leicester, his Foxes side actually finished the season with the #3 best ranked 11 in the Division, a brilliant achievement therefore both on & off the pitch in Season 15.

The final spots in the playoffs were taken up by Stuttgart managed by Mark Scott who finished in 5th, Montpellier HSC overseen by Franci Legend & Olympique Lyonnais managed by Andy VH. Stuttgart were another overachiever for the season, finishing some 7 places higher than the best 11 suggested they might, whilst even by the pre-season stats & facts they finished 6 higher than was suggested they would, highlighting yet another great season for overachieving in Division 5.
Montpellier in pre-seasons stats & facts we’re predicted a 7th placed finish, they of course finished in 6th attaining a +1 here & finishing as expected by the end of season best 11 ranking, similarly to Doug’ Leicester City side. Fellow French outfit Lyon, the last of the sides to make the playoffs dropped down to 7th on the final day of the season however they of course still managed to make the playoffs.

Stats & Facts for Season 15 in Division 5

Sao Paulo, this season managed by Top 100s most successful ever manager to date, Scott Mckenzie we’re predicted to finish 3rd in the stats & facts from pre-season & by seasons end had attained the highest ranked best 11, suggesting an improvement to the squad since Scott took charge. Despite this however, it will be seen as a transitional but disappointing season for the Brazilian outfit who will certainly be expecting to win promotion to Division 4 in Season 16 as they had finished some 7 places below where their best 11 on the final day ranked.

Torino, AZ Alkmaar, managed by Mac the Hat & Malaga CF whose gaffer is Price Michael Williams, were final overachievers in Division 5, a very topsy-turvy division in fact for Season 15 in which the majority expected to finish low actually finished high & vice-versa. Torino the highest finished side in 9th are currently managed by DouDou & have been active in the latter part of the season for transfers to improve the squad. The Turin side were predicted to finish 16th by final day best 11 rankings & as above 14th by the pre-season stats & facts, perhaps suggesting a longer term project has been taken by the manager at the helm.

Best 11s in Division 5 for Season 15

The first of the big underachievers in Division 5 in Season 15 was debatably Sunderland & manager Josh Mcmillan, whose final day side had the 3rd best 11 in the division & a pre-season prediction for a 4th placed finish. Whilst there’s improvement in the squads best 11 perhaps, there’s certainly some disappointment in the season at the Stadium of Light. At this point however, it is key we point out that the best 11 to the worst in Division 5 was only separated by 0.9 rating points, really showcasing how tight the bottom division is in Top 100.

The biggest underachievers in Division 5, a side who had the 2nd best 11 in the division on the final day was Nicu Balan’ Olympiacos side who ended in 16th place in the league. They we’re also predicted in Malcolm’ stats & facts to finish in 2nd place, earning them an unwanted 2nd bottom ranking for the PVA ranking attached to the stats & facts that is provided. Therefore a bigger underachiever came in Division 5, sadly in the form of Spartak Moskva & gaffer Lee Adams, whose 1st place stats & facts prediction & final position of 14th gave the club the biggest negative PVA value, which can be better understood within the stats & facts provided by Mr Trx/Malcolm. The club by best 11 on the final day however ranked as the 5th best 11 & therefore simply received a -9 in ranking, similarly to Sunderland & Josh McMillan.

Internazionale, managed in Season 15 by Steven Gerrard/Dan finished as predicted in a lowly 17th position alike to Independiente who were predicted to finish in 20th place & did as such at the foot of Top 100. Gianluca Ghio has now made assurances that better times are ahead for the Argentine outfit whom have finished around the foot of Top 100 consistently over seasons now & with such a comfortable cushion within the stats & facts as well as the best 11 rankings, there’s a long road ahead for Gianluca to turn it around, however a youthful squad could hold a long term future of positivity if it has been assembled well. Internazionale will be under new management in Season 16 as Gyan the Cat takes control of the club he supports with the big task of returning a once big side to the top of Division 1, or at least into respectable places once again.

Division 5 Winners over the Seasons
Division 5 Winning Managers over the Seasons

In Division 5, no manager has won the league title on more than one occasion & neither has any club won the league twice here however there are one or two names in the list that find themselves back in Division 5 all the same, such as FC Twente, currently managed by Marco G.


Within Top 100, we of course have plenty of cups up for grabs every season with the additions of the World Club Cup & Youth Cup added to the roster of standard Cup & Shield whilst there has even been further World Club Shield & Youth Shields added to offer a great depth of competition over the seasons. A rich environment for competition across all fronts is always something to be admired within Top 100.

In Season 15, Andrew Kelly & Real Madrid became the 2nd team in Top 100 history to make it to the Top 100 Cup & the Top 100 Shield final in the same season, Juventus & DP91 the club & manager to achieve this prior, winning both in Season 5. Real Madrid took home the Top 100 Shield, defending their Season 14 win & becoming the 2nd side to win back-to-back Top 100 Shields, the first again being Juventus whom won the competition three times in a row (Season 5, Season 6 & Season 7).

The Top 100 Cup in season 15 was however won by the all Brazilian side of Flamengo, with gaffer Mark Phelps winning the clubs second trophy, a great achievement for the dedication to Flamengo over the years in keeping to his project.

The World Club Cup in Season 15 was won by Arsenal, managed by Heath Brown whose work since taking over the club has been stupendous, putting Arsenal in debatable contention for top 4 & beyond finishes, perhaps best exemplified by this elite win.

Season 15s Youth Cup tournament almost had its first back-to-back winner in Juventus & DP91, however Manchester City & gaffer Alex McLean pulled off a brilliant win over two-legs, giving the Scot his 3rd & joint most Youth Cup wins funnily enough alongside Juventus & DP91. Alex’ first win came in Season 8 & second in Season 12, also with Manchester City.
Elsewhere in the Youth Shield, Leicester City managed by Doug Earle won a brilliant first trophy for The Foxes as they beat Monchengladbach, overseen by long time Top 100 manager, Rob Ryan. The cup runs below for the Youth Cup & Shield, provided by David Marsden, whose top efforts compile the tournaments progress.

Top 100 Youth Cup – Season 15
Top 100 Youth Shield – Season 15

With 15 seasons of cup history, there’s been plenty of winners over the seasons, with of course winners within Charity Shields also, for which there has been 5 different winning clubs & 6 managers; Manchester United (S2) – Joe Jordan, Barcelona (S3,S4,S7,S8,S10,S12,S13) – Scott Mckenzie, Bayern Munich (S5 & S9) – Gursimran Brar & Mike Scalotti, Juventus (S6 & S11) – DP91 & Chelsea (S14) – James Mckenzie.
In the S16 final there will be a new winning manager however & potential new winning club.

Cup Winning Club/Manager Partnerships

  • Juventus – DP91 (11) – x2 Charity Shield, x2 Top 100 Cup, x3 Top 100 Shield, x3 Top 100 Youth Cup, x1 Top 100 Youth Shield.
  • Barcelona – Scott Mckenzie (8) – x7 Charity Shields & x1 World Club Cup.
  • Bayern Munich – Ruts66 (5) – x1 Charity Shield, x1 Top 100 Cup, x1 Top 100 Youth Cup, x1 World Club Cup & x1 Top 100 Youth Shield
  • Bayern Munich – Gursumran Brar (4) – x1 Charity Shield & x1 Top 100 Cup, x1 Top 100 Shield & x1 World Club Cup
  • Chelsea – James McKenzie (4) – x1 Charity Shield, x1 Top 100 Youth Cup, x2 World Club Cup
  • FC Porto – Andre Guerra (4) – x2 Top 100 Cup & x2 Top 100 Shield
  • Manchester City – Alex McLean (3) – x3 Top 100 Youth Cup
  • Real Madrid – Roy Keane (3) – x1 Top 100 Cup, x1 Top 100 Shield, x1 World Club Cup
  • Real Madrid – Andrew Kelly (3) – x2 Top 100 Shield & x1 World Club Cup
  • Genoa – Frank Hirst (2) – x2 Top 100 Youth Cup
  • Anderlecht – Gursimran Brar (2) – x1 Top 100 World Club Shield & x1 Top 100 Youth Shield
  • Sevilla – David Senior (2) – x1 Top 100 World Club Shield & x1 Top 100 Youth Shield
  • Flamengo – Mark Phelps (2) – x1 Top 100 Youth Cup & x1 Top 100 Cup

Plenty of managers have won singular trophies or multiples with different clubs & can additionally be found here;

Primary Top 100 Cup History
Primary Top 100 Cup Winning Managers

Over the years, trophies have of course been on offer consistently every season with some 5 divisions, & 4 cups up for grabs at the minimum throughout (Top 100 Cup, Top 100 Shield, Top 100 World Club Cup, Top 100 Youth Cup) but of course subsidiary tournaments have also been available at times (Top 100 World Club Shield, Top 100 Youth Shield, Top 100 Youth Spoon). There is even of course as standard the Top 100 Charity Shield for the cup & D1 title winner every season also on the minor front.

Subsidiary Top 100 Competitions over the Seasons

All Major Honours

So, all in all, we’re looking at a huge mixture of division titles & cup wins in 15 seasons of history in Top 100. Whatever subjective ratings an individual may put on title wins across divisions, cup wins across various competitions or comparisons between World Club, Cups, Shields or Youth competitions, winning any of the Top 100 competitions is certainly a great achievement in such a competitive game world like Top 100.

Whatever opinions, here are the totals across all competitions; Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, Division 4, Division 5, Top 100 Charity Shield, Top 100 Cup, Top 100 Shield, Top 100 World Club Cup, Top 100 World Club Shield, Top 100 Youth Cup, Top 100 Youth Shield, Top 100 Youth Spoon, here are the grand totals for managers over our 15 seasons.

Every Competition Winner in Top 100 – Managers

Returning months later to reflect on what happened in Season 16, here were the major honour winners.

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