Like a bad smell…I’m back again!

The Pride of Rome..

Following a path a certain Paul Gascoigne once travelled I have ended up at Lazio, minus the maverick talent of Gazza!! This is a return to T100 again from the cold, I’ve done a few clubs here for those who don’t know me. The highlight a D5 title with River Plate, my first ever trophy in a big custom so will always carry a special place for me.

For those in here who don’t know me, Hi 👋🏻 my name is Norman Little and I’m a Newcastle fan for sins in a former life. I’ve spent over 10 years on soccermanager but it’s not been until I found interactive customs I fully threw myself into the game. T100 as mentioned was my first, but there has been others since. I’m all for custom GWs, I like rules and people being punished for not following. I like squad caps, and as I said last time in here 50 is probably on the high side but that’s not my call. I love smaller squads as I think if protects game worlds for the duration. It challenges you as a manager too, I’m in Socially active GWs with 25,26 man squad caps and deals fly around daily. Anyway.. on to Lazio!

Upon taking over Lazio it was clear the squad was not what I would class as appealing to me personally, Too big, Too much shite and not enough talents in youth squad. Now I know from my time here previously youth is hard to find, and you normally have to give away to get it. Now Lazio have been relegated to D3 it seemed like a perfect time to rip it up…although I do have a contract to hit still.

The deals have been turning since I arrived, I have been busy so this is first chance to properly write it up. Some talent has left Lazio, Kalajdzic the headliner, but we feel 4 talents was a fair price for him. Maitland-Niles, Bialek, Hickey & Matazo started that youth rebuild! External is obviously drier than Gandhi’s flip flops but we picked up young Brazilian Pedrinho, Bournemouth LB Zemura & Eliot Anderson who is highly fancied at Newcastle, just a shame he has a manager who is a idiot. Some squad players arrived, nothing special but I’d rather have players playing irl than just ratings sitting in squad. Weissman & Forster we’re surprising external pick ups, both playing in top flight of their leagues. Couple of pick ups from concerned players in Schaub & Gudmunsson and a key position filled with Neto arriving in goal. The best saved till last imo so far, we just agreed a deal for Vargas who is leaving the club, Danso is solid if unspectacular but the key for me was young Ansgar Knauff! I think this boy is gonna be a big player for Dortmund and I’m delighted I have him at Lazio. That’s the standard I’m looking for and I don’t mind giving things away for quality youth. Don’t be shy I’ll entertain most bids, but im not a fan of oldies, droppers or just random u21 players.

Anyway that’s me guys, looking forward to D3, and a few more deals!! cheers Norman

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