D5 Season 15 Stats and facts review.

The winner takes it all with Bordeaux taking 1st in the stats and the league.

+8 VA , +9 PVA,  the perfect combo to win the league, with West Ham in 2nd on +14 VA and 3rd place Leicester on +9 VA. In fact the top 5 side in the stats were the top 5 in the league.

Olympic Lyon and AZ also had +8 VA and a great performance.

Oddly the top 6 teams in the predictions came in the lowest 6 places. Olympiacos, Spartak and Athletic Club were notable by their underperformance.

Girondins Bordeaux
West Ham United 87.086.587.387.586.086.9216.64162147.50
Leicester City 87.087.387.887.086.087.0217.3112393.33
Sampdoria 87.087.387.587.586.087.1217.4410461.75
VfB Stuttgart 89.087.887.387.085.087.2217.4311561.40
Olympique Lyonnais 87.087.587.
AZ Alkmaar 87.086.587.
Málaga CF 87.086.887.
AS Saint-Etienne
Montpellier HSC 88.087.388.588.086.087.6218.687610.33
FC Twente 87.086.887.388.086.087.0217.161319-6-0.26
Internazionale 89.087.587.387.586.087.5217.68817-9-0.47
São Paulo FC 88.088.587.889.086.087.9219.7338-5-0.50
Sunderland 88.087.388.389.586.087.8219.46412-8-0.58
Boca Juniors 88.086.587.590.585.087.5218.79515-10-0.60
Athletic Club 87.087.588.588.086.087.4218.76618-12-0.61
Olympiacos 88.088.589.
Spartak Moskva

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