D4 Season 15 Stats and facts review.

Crystal Palace +5 PVA the stats leaders.

Zagreb may have won the league but not the battle of the stats as Palace who also had +9 VA pushed them close.  Celta and Lokomotiv Moscow had +11 and +12 VA making them 2nd and 3rd in the PVA charts, notable +8 VA for PSV and +9 for Atalanta.

At the wrong end -12 VA for 2nd ranked Dynamo Moscow leaves them in last place for PVA with predicted 4th spot Swansea on -16 VA just above them.

2 teams who should have finished in the top 10 were relegated.

Crystal Palace 89.087.388.388.086.087.7218.6011295.00
Lokomotiv Moskva 88.086.387.889.085.087.2217.81165112.40
Celta Vigo 85.087.587.087.585.086.4216.88208121.63
Atalanta BC 87.086.387.388.586.087.0217.09191091.00
PSV 88.087.587.587.584.086.9217.5217981.00
FK Partizan
Lille OSC 90.087.388.888.585.087.9219.336420.75
ACF Fiorentina 88.088.387.588.087.087.8218.8010730.57
Fenerbahçe SK 89.087.387.888.583.087.1218.17141130.36
FC AUGSBURG 88.088.588.591.085.088.2221.513300.33
VfL Wolfsburg 89.086.888.088.586.087.7218.33131300.08
Olympique Marseille 87.087.388.387.586.087.2218.041516-10.00
Shakhtar Donetsk 89.087.588.387.586.087.7218.481218-6-0.28
Rubin Kazan 89.088.387.588.585.087.7219.01917-8-0.41
Villarreal CF 88.087.388.389.087.087.9219.25715-8-0.47
Beşiktaş JK
Swansea City 88.088.388.389.087.088.1220.05420-16-0.75
Dynamo Moskva 88.089.389.089.586.088.4221.66214-12-0.79

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