D1 Season 15 Stats and facts review.

Barcelona top the table

Porto ,Bayern and Juventus close behind.

Under new management Barcelona who were predicted 2nd spot, won the league with points to spare. Porto had a great season also in 2nd spot in PVA.

Man City had the highest VA and their 9th place was 6 above where predicted.

The worse performing team this year were Genoa a VA of -9 and PVA -0.62, with Chelsea and Real not far behind.

Three of the lowest four ranked teams were relegated with only Leverkeusen escaping .

Barcelona 92.093.392.597.584.091.9233.102112.00
FC Porto
Bayern München 95.091.593.391.089.092.0229.037431.00
Juventus 95.093.592.593.588.092.5231.543211.00
Hertha BSC 88.089.392.093.586.089.8226.6610640.83
Manchester City 89.090.589.592.087.089.6224.9215960.78
Paris Saint-Germain 95.089.390.391.088.090.7224.71161240.42
RSC Anderlecht
Bayer Leverkusen 91.089.889.889.085.088.9222.57171520.20
RCD Espanyol 92.091.591.891.085.090.3226.998800.13
AC Milan 92.089.389.889.087.089.4222.53181710.12
AS Roma 90.085.889.590.583.087.8219.79201910.11
Valencia CF 89.089.389.590.083.088.2222.141920-10.00
Borussia Dortmund 90.091.390.592.587.090.3226.77911-2-0.09
Arsenal 92.091.592.594.087.091.4229.7857-2-0.14
Atlético Madrid
SC Internacional 89.089.891.391.586.089.5225.281418-4-0.17
Real Madrid 91.091.391.090.588.090.4226.111216-4-0.19
Chelsea 95.093.394.596.085.092.8234.2015-4-0.60
Genoa CFC 92.091.892.594.086.091.3229.86413-9-0.62

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