Aston Villa, end of season review

Aston Villa end of season review:
Villa won division 3 by five points from second place Galatasaray. It caps off what has been an excellent season overall. Villa had been in the playoff places for most of the campaign but a run of form that saw us only lose two games in the second half of the season pushed us to the title, it was a consistency that the other clubs fell short of.
Three key players this season were top scorer Hazard with 16 goals, not bad at all considering he was mainly used on the wing,
Thauvin (who nobody wanted to sign when I advertised him) lead the league for assists with 23 and an average rating of 7.62 the third highest in the league.
Then there is Barbosa who many criticised me for signing (some even sent me private messages to tell me it was a bad signing) he scored 7 goals and got 2 assists in his 10 games with an average rating of 7.70 which made him the best performing player in the division.
I might not have made a glamorous team at Villa but it is far more solid, the arrivals of Bissouma, Phillips, Barnes and Barbosa mean we have a competitive first 11.
I managed to add two good youths to the side in Mendes and Diallo as well. I am not sure if the side is good enough for division 2 but I’m looking forward to finding out.

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