Passion before victories

Inter is a strange team. Any Italian football fan is aware of this, especially the Interisti. This is how it works at Inter. The glory is intense, but it is short-lived, you win a treble and then the following season you go back to fighting to qualify for European competitions. You win an extraordinary Scudetto, creating a powerful team, and then you dismantle it in two months, dismissing the coach and selling off the best players. Highs and lows. Joys and sorrows. But that’s what makes us fans love it so much, as what has been the team’s official song for so long says. Pazza Inter, amala. Crazy Inter, love it.

In Top 100 it makes no difference. Inter were a decent first or second division team, nothing extraordinary, no titles won, but they were there to put up a fight. In recent seasons, however, things have got worse and worse and now it has sunk to the bottom of the fifth division, in an almost tragic situation. It needs a lot of effort and a good dose of imagination and luck to become competitive again.

I have always liked big challenges. I’m not usually into easy tasks, guaranteed victories, being the favourite. It’s exciting to start from the bottom, to build brick upon brick and try to overcome your own limits to beat those who are stronger than you. That’s what I want to do with Inter. I won’t make a lot of claims – the team isn’t that great at the moment – but I’ll keep my head down and work hard. The path will be arduous and tough and it will take a long time for it to start paying off, but passion will be the engine that will drive this new course for Inter.

Because victories make you rejoice for a day, but passion makes you burn forever.

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