Mullan pledge’s immediate future to Napoli, and signs new deal

Napoli are pleased to announce Manager Glen Mullan has signed a new deal with the club. We was aware that other opportunities may come his way, given the steadying of the ship here over the last 3 seasons. We have a real feeling of optimism as this season closes, with us already planning for next season. The fans have had to endure some difficult times in recent times as the club has tried to recover from some poor previous management appointments, and the sale of our best players.

Glen Mullan said “I’ve had a long think about the future, its been really tough here, and there was some exciting jobs out there which I was overlooked for. I think the job I’ve had here is massively underestimated, in terms of what we have achieved from our starting block. This club was very much the one no-one wanted, it had no players of value, no assets to realistically trade and the rot had well set in. I strongly believe it now has a pulse. We’ve beaten the best teams in the division this season, who have far more riches in players at their disposal than we have. We have shifted out over 50 players in my time here and replaced with a better core, to the extent, we are now getting those messages from other clubs wanting some of the players we have. When I first came, it was no messages, or if we enquired it was a polite “I don’t see anyone of interest”. My job now is to build on this season, and try and get more stability in our squad. Staying up next season is still the target. We are a couple of season’s away from being able to seriously mount a promotion challenge, and to be honest with the squad we have, the team is just not geared up for Division 2 football. I’ve signed on for another season to continue that organic growth and improvement, and will be here for at least that duration. We are still looking to do one or two deals, which are very complicated at present, as they are reliant of other managers deals on other players. They don’t want to let certain targets leave unless they can agree deals on other players from other clubs. We are sort of waiting for that Domino affect for these deals to progress. We are still desperate to add a centre midfielder, and i’m mindful this is going to cost us some of our assets. No player is ever off the table, at any club I have managed over the last 13 years in Soccer Manager. I do believe some will hold on to players regardless of bids, without looking at the bigger picture or how that may hinder progress for their own clubs. I think my CV in soccer manager is excellent, I’ve won lots and lots of trophies and built some fantastic teams from nothing. I will always have a plan B, C and D and find the way to get the best out of what is available to me.”

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