Current Division 4 Managers Points Per Game Ratio (inclusive of all clubs)

PositionManagerPoints Per Game Ratio
2Nuno Marques2.02
3Mister TRX2.01
4Roberto Downinho2.00
5Nick Wheels1.95
6Nick Justice1.93
7Walter Gough1.87
9Keyboard (Broon) Gangster1.84
10Michael H1.83
11Ross Falconer1.80
12Feargal Hickey1.76
13Gyan the Cat1.75
13Chris Baggio1.75
15Rahul W1.74
16Kevin McGregor1.73
17J Walker1.64
18Steve Logan1.63
19Frank Tyson1.62
20Lewis Tugby1.47

These figures are only averages. Obviously some managers have taken charge of far more games than others. This has invariably affected their averages. – No offence was intended in the making of this report.

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