Current Division 3 Managers Points Per Game Ratio (inclusive of all clubs)

PositionManagerPoints Per Game Ratio
1Mark Stewart2.05
3Ken Keeley1.99
4Stuart Monteith1.97
5Simon Thomas1.89
6Jay Jones1.85
7Mark Deadman1.81
8Guiseppe Glaviano1.79
8Nuno Bento1.79
10Davy Vandendriessche1.75
10Joao Alves1.75
10Gregg Robinson1.75
13Miguel Salgardo1.72
14Alejandro Virgilino1.71
15David Inglis1.69
16Mark Phelps1.67
17King Kev the Daddy1.62
18Hugo Costa1.60
19Glen Mullen1.48
20Con Mammoth1.12

These figures are only averages. Obviously some managers have taken charge of far more games than others. This has invariably affected their averages. – No offence was intended in the making of this report.

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