Youth Cup and Shield Quarter-Final History and Preview

Youth Cup

Genoa vs. Juventus

The two most successful youth teams and Youth Cup and Shield managers in Top 100 history (going back as far as Season 8, for which I have detailed records).

Genoa have made the quarter-finals of the cup or the shield in six out of the last seven seasons (there was no Shield competition in S12), winning the Cup twice in S11 and S13.

Juve are, of course, the reigning Youth Cup champions, and won the trophy back in S2 and S7, too. The Old Lady youth have qualified for the semi-finals of the Cup or Shield in five out of the last eight seasons.

Juventus beat Genoa in the final of the Youth Shield in S10.

Barcelona vs. Levante

Barca may have dominated the League in Top 100, but this season is the first time they have qualified for the quarter-final of the Youth Cup in the S8-15 period. They do have a couple of Shield QF appearances in S8 and S11.

Levante are a youth team on the up. This is their third quarter-final appearance, all in the Cup, and all in the last three seasons. Last season they got to the semi-final, and they will be hoping to match that again this season, at least.

Chelsea vs. Sampdoria

This is Chelsea’s fourth quarter-final in seven seasons, two in the Cup and two in the Shield. The Bluse won the Youth Cup in S4.

Sampdoria are another up and coming youth side. They made the semi-final of the Youth Shield last season, and will be hoping to do the same in the Cup this time around.

Hellas Verona vs. Manchester City

Two more Youth Cup heavyweights.

This is Hellas’s fourth consecutive Cup quarter-final. They lost in the final to Genoa in S13, and reached the semi-final last season.

City’s Cup record is on a par with Juventus, and managers McLean (taking into account last season’s Shield final with Olympiacos) and Payne are level, too . City have reached the quarter-finals in seven out of eight seasons (only missing out in S9). They’ve lost five of those QFs, but the ones they won they went on to win the Cup itself in S8 and S12.

Youth Shield

Malaga vs. Gladbach

This is Malaga’s second Shield quarter-final in three seasons, and they will be hoping to make the semi-final this time.

This is Gladbach’s first appearance in a youth competition quarter-final.

Southampton vs. Anderlecht

This is only the second time Southampton have reached the quarter-final of the Shield. In S8 they lost in the final to Benfica. They will hope to match that if they can overcome Anderlecht, but that is a tough ask.

This is Anderlecht’s third quarter-final, but their first since S11. In S10 they reached the semi-final of the Cup, and the following season they won the Shield final. They will hope for a repeat here.

Hamburger vs. Schalke

This is Hamburger’s third consecutive Shield quarter-final, having won the trophy in S13.

Schalke reach the quarter-final for the first time.

This match is a repeat of the qualifying group games, which Hamburger won 3-0 on aggregate.

Wolfsburg vs. Leicester City

This is both The Wolves’ and The Foxes’ debut in the quarter-final.

A list of all Top 100 winners from S1 to S14 is here:

In the last eight seasons, fifty-five Top 100 clubs have reached at least one quarter-final of the Youth Cup or Shield.

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