Hamburger U20 Development Squad

Abner Vinicius

14th most promising 2000-born player in the world… Signed in Top 100 from Ponte Preta (before he signed for Athletico irl), uncontested (iirc).

Alessandro Cortinovis

Another one I’m very hopeful about, from the Atalanta Academy. Great hair, too… Signed in Top 100 as a free agent, uncontested (iirc).

Odilon Kossounou

Big lad in defence, big future ahead of him… Signed in Top 100 as a free agent, uncontested (iirc), while he was still at Hammarby irl.

Richard Ledezma

Breakout season stopped by ACL injury irl. Signed in Top 100 from Lyon for cash when The Godfather was manager there (possibly as part of a larger deal, but I honestly don’t remember).

Milutin Vidosavljevic

Looks a neat and tidy player, bought in Top 100 for cash (uncontested, iirc) after let go by Anderlecht, mainly for this season’s Youth Cup.

Tomas Tavares

Youth right backs are hard to get hold of in Top 100, so I was happy to negotiate hard in for Tavares (along with Tanganga, Sibley and Zarzana) as part of my sale of Diogo Dalot to Levante last season.

Brenden Aaronson

Didn’t have to think too hard, or too long, when accepting Adam’s generous offer to swap goalkeepers with me in Top 100.

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