Division 4 Season 15 Stats and Facts.

Top 3 out of sight? Play-offs for the rest ?

There are 3 clear favourites for the top 3 spots. Partizan have a great midfield and attack and they have the lead in the stats, closely followed by Dynamo Moscow who are a more defensive set up.   FC Augsburg have an attack to fear but are more vunerable at the back than the other two.  As a whole the league is slightly weaker but the challenge at the top is much as last season.  Looks like around 218 is needed to survive D3 so a whole host of teams could get promoted and do well the following season.

Villareal look a strong prospect with plenty of depth, Feyenoord look like they could mount a strong challenge.  While last season was a little odd , around 217.5 would leave you in relegation risk. Lokomotiv have too weak a defence and little depth, they could struggle.  Celta need to sort themselves a keeper rapido. Atalanta and Cruziero have a decent enough attack but remain vunerable at the back.

FK Partizan88.089.089.590.586.088.6222.5112-10.00
Dynamo Moskva88.089.389.089.586.088.4221.662112.00
FC AUGSBURG88.088.588.591.085.088.2221.5134-10.00
Swansea City88.088.388.389.087.088.1220.0546-2-0.17
Beşiktaş JK88.
Lille OSC90.087.388.888.585.087.9219.33611-5-0.36
Villarreal CF88.087.388.389.087.087.9219.25713-6-0.38
Rubin Kazan89.088.387.588.585.087.7219.01916-7-0.38
ACF Fiorentina88.088.387.588.087.087.8218.801019-9-0.42
Crystal Palace89.087.388.388.086.087.7218.601120-9-0.40
Shakhtar Donetsk89.087.588.387.586.087.7218.4812571.60
VfL Wolfsburg89.086.888.088.586.087.7218.331318-5-0.22
Fenerbahçe SK89.087.387.888.583.087.1218.1714771.14
Olympique Marseille87.087.388.387.586.087.2218.04151410.14
Lokomotiv Moskva88.086.387.889.085.087.2217.811617-10.00
Atalanta BC87.086.387.388.586.087.0217.09191540.33
Celta Vigo85.087.587.087.585.086.4216.88208121.63

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