Hamburger U18 Academy

Angelo Gabriel

The jewel in the crown, the pickled gherkin in the bun, the prize for winning the Youth Shield in S13…

Patrick Weah

Hoping he can emulate his Uncle George…

Fedde de Jong

Reminds me in looks and maybe even playing style of a young Mark Noble. AZ seem to have an excellent record bringing through young players in recent seasons…

Aster Vranckx

Another potential jewel, will be interesting to see how he fits in at Wolfsburg next season… Think I got him for cash uncontested, after Espanyol had to let him go for breaking squad cap rule.

Mustafa Kapi

Part of a growing Turkish contingent at high-flying Lille, hope to see him get some playing time next season, perhaps…. Might have been a rare new free agent lottery win in Top 100.

Odin Thiago Holm

Another potential jewel, lots of self-confidence to name himself Thiago…. Signed from external (rl) club in Top 100.

He constantly appears on lists of the greatest football talents in the world…

Cristian Olivera

Don’t know so much about this lad, and he hasn’t had much game time this season. Signed (along with Talisca and Cabella) in Top 100 as part of a deal that saw William Carvalho move to Dinamo Zagreb.

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  1. […] Back to my youth team. Another good start in the Youth Cup. We’ve sacrificed a lot to try to build a strong and successful youth setup over the past five or six seasons (youth squad highlights from a year ago: U21, U20, U19, U18). […]


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