Division 3 Season 15 Stats and Facts

Tight at the top is Division 3 the place to be?

No real out and out favourite in the cross road division of Top 100.  Zagreb lead the pack strong attack but a little weaker in defence than some. They are closely followed by Villa who have a better keeper and midfield.  Flamengo , WBA and Man Utd could be covered by a tea towel all are strong in midfield and attack an ongoing theme amongst D3 contenders.

The 90 + Attack runs out past 6th spot. You would need 219.75 to survive in D2 so teams down to River Plate could push for promotion without compromising their current set up.

Looking at the lower end  last year less than 218.00 meant relegation this leaves Chievo. Basel , Celtic , Dnipro could be in danger. . Celtic and Dnipro in particular are in danger of shipping too many goals.  Basel may be o.k. but lack the strength in depth if they get in trouble.    In general terms.   The division is 0.3 per team higher than last season. The top end is a little weaker but there are more teams closer to those playoff spots.

Dinamo Zagreb89.088.589.391.086.088.8222.351311213.00
Aston Villa90.088.589.890.087.089.1222.348263.50
Manchester United88.088.589.890.583.088.0221.9517981.00
West Bromwich Albion89.088.889.890.082.087.9221.826420.75
Udinese Calcio88.088.889.
TSG 1899 Hoffenheim88.088.388.589.086.088.0220.133300.33
Sporting CP88.088.388.589.085.087.8220.01121020.30
River Plate88.088.388.389.086.087.9219.93191720.18
Borussia Mönchengladbach88.087.089.588.582.087.0219.13141310.15
Galatasaray SK88.087.588.888.086.087.7219.08181800.06
Club Brugge KV88.088.088.887.585.087.5219.04202000.05
CSKA Moskva87.087.888.888.084.087.1218.9256-10.00
1. FC Köln88.087.389.087.586.087.6218.761115-4-0.20
SSC Napoli87.088.588.887.083.086.9218.75914-5-0.29
Zenit Saint Petersburg89.087.587.888.086.087.7218.401016-6-0.31
Chievo Verona88.087.388.587.086.087.4218.0325-3-0.40
FC Basel88.088.587.
Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk86.087.887.387.585.086.7217.4417-6-0.71

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