Division 1 Season 15 Stats and Facts

Blue is the colour again?

Few reminders.

Gk, Att, Mid, Def is  the average rating as I see it.

Top 18 is the rating of the 18th player. This does not include 2nd or 3rd choice keepers and there is human input if this player is a lot lower than  the squad average.

Ave = Average of the above.

ETOT uses a secret formula to weight all the previous to come up with a team ranking , this was based on  the first 3 or 4 seasons looking at how much each position matched up with finishing positions.

Pre = Predicted position.

Chelsea are clear of the pack they have pretty much the best defence and midfield but can be challenged up top. Barcelona and Juve sit 2nd and 3rd.  Barca are stronger up top where as Juve go for  the more balanced approach.

Genoa now rank 4th and should maintain that position .

Espanyol did so well last year but maybe strength in depth will be an issue this season.  Hertha if they could find a better keeper could aim higher.

225.15 got relegated last year, 224.35 the previous and 222.26 the year before…  Life is getting tougher in D1 as the best improve at the expense of the rest.

Leverkeusen, AC Milan and Valencia are detached from the pack and look like clear relegation fodder. Roma look doomed already and would struggle in the division below.  Having said that Man City and PSG fall below the cut off meaning we could have 6 teams fighting it out for relegation.

Genoa CFC92.091.892.594.086.091.3229.864
FC Porto93.091.092.893.588.091.7229.506
Bayern München95.091.593.391.089.092.0229.037
RCD Espanyol92.091.591.891.085.090.3226.998
Borussia Dortmund90.091.390.592.587.090.3226.779
Hertha BSC88.089.392.093.586.089.8226.6610
Atlético Madrid92.091.091.890.587.090.5226.5111
Real Madrid91.091.391.090.588.090.4226.1112
RSC Anderlecht91.091.091.390.087.090.1225.6613
SC Internacional89.089.891.391.586.089.5225.2814
Manchester City89.090.589.592.087.089.6224.9215
Paris Saint-Germain95.089.390.391.088.090.7224.7116
Bayer Leverkusen91.089.889.889.085.088.9222.5717
AC Milan92.089.389.889.087.089.4222.5318
Valencia CF89.089.389.590.083.088.2222.1419
AS Roma90.085.889.590.583.087.8219.7920

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