Transfers for Transfers sake?

Sampdoria will go into Season 15 with an aim on improving and whilst doing deals might well improve the side – when is the right time to sell your players?

For example the two images has my first XI (potentially) and youth XI for next season with the circled players being the ones interesting potential suitors (triangles are players to watch – the Greek boy in particular has just broken into Greece first team despite being at an unfancied club) – We have had lots of interest and offers and some of them very good….

But I ask is it worth selling them now? Sure all of them could bring in a pair of good players – but is it not better to continue to sit on them till they reach their potential and then cash in with better players then being offered?

Lets just take 1 of them as an example – Bradaric? An outsider surely for the Croatia side at Euro 2021? First choice at Lille – chasing a title in Ligue 1 and still only 86? If I sold him at 86 then I’d be doing an injustice to the future of the team? Same for Maehle? Is it right to sell him so soon after his big chance at Atalanta? I think not.

Yes – DP is an advocate of the game needing/wanting transfers to boost form – but that can be achieved externally. I am happy with the make up of both first team and youth team

As for the last season – well disaster is one word to describe it! Our first in Division 5 as a club and despite starting positively it spiraled downwards!

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