Division 1 Season 14 Stats and Facts review.

Genoa good team in Division 1 I do.

The old guard was nearly undone this season by 2 solid rivals of Genoa and Espanyol.

In the end 6 points was the difference but in terms of manager performance Genoa and Espanyol head the charts , they are just above victors Chelsea and the value added winners of Man City and Valencia

Most disappointing team this season was clearly Juventus lowest VA and PVA with relegated Benfica failing to perform. Hella and Atletico Madrid also had poor seasons and are low  in the stats table. 3 of the lowest 5 stats teams were relegated.

Genoa CFC91.091.890.
RCD Espanyol92.090.591.891.087.090.5226.4310461.75
Valencia CF89.089.090.593.083.088.9224.6916970.89
Manchester City89.089.589.589.586.088.7222.38201460.50
SC Internacional89.089.891.391.086.089.4224.95151320.23
Bayern München95.091.393.391.589.092.0229.165500.20
Real Madrid91.091.592.591.588.090.9228.167700.14
AS Roma89.
Tottenham Hotspur90.089.589.890.587.089.4223.47191810.11
Hertha BSC88.
Borussia Dortmund90.090.890.893.088.090.5227.01911-2-0.09
FC Porto93.091.592.393.087.091.4229.0568-2-0.13
Hellas Verona89.090.091.391.086.089.5225.151317-4-0.18
Atlético Madrid91.091.091.590.586.090.0226.071115-4-0.20
SL Benfica93.090.890.889.588.090.4225.101419-5-0.21

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