Season 14 D4 Stats and Facts

Four of the promoted teams in the top 7.

Flamengo are the clear leaders but not so far in front of the rest that they can’t be caught.

The Brazilian machine has great all round stats and leads most categories.

Augsburg who overhauled them last season are in second and look fit to challenge for automatic promotion once again. Zagreb the run away winners of D4 should finish in the top 3 but are finding life hard against stiffer opposition.

There is very little difference in quality between D3 / D4 with the exception of the top side in D3 and the lowest side in D4.

You would need around 218.5 to survive in D3 so anyone down to Inter could get promoted and then do well enough the next season to allow them to rebuild and strengthen.

WBA have great strength but little depth , a good start in needed as injuries could play havoc.  Moscow and Besitkas look more balanced amd the same could be said all the way down to current leaders Fiorentina.

As mad as last season was , you can still look at 217.6 for relegation woes.

This should mean near automatic relegation for Malaga and Leicester. Lokomotive may have a good enough keeper to save them while Atlanta could surely acquire one if needed.

Dynamo Moscow would be my tip for a surprise cup run this season.

FC AUGSBURG88.088.588.890.586.088.4221.512
Dinamo Zagreb89.088.589.389.586.088.5221.383
Dynamo Moskva88.089.388.888.587.088.3220.934
West Bromwich Albion90.089.088.589.082.087.7220.495
Beşiktaş JK88.088.588.389.086.088.0220.136
Swansea City89.087.888.889.086.088.1220.057
Villarreal CF88.088.088.389.087.088.1219.858
Rubin Kazan89.088.588.
ACF Fiorentina88.
Olympique Marseille87.087.388.588.086.087.4218.5611
River Plate88.087.887.588.585.087.4218.4912
Montpellier HSC88.087.088.387.584.087.0217.7215
Fenerbahçe SK87.087.387.888.083.086.6217.6016
Atalanta BC85.087.388.087.586.086.8217.6017
Lokomotiv Moskva88.087.087.387.586.087.2217.1618
Leicester City87.
Málaga CF87.086.387.387.085.086.5215.9920

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