Season 14 D3 Stats and facts.

Werder the clear leader in the middle division.

Get ready to set sail on the sea of compromises that is division 3.

Werder lead in 3 key stats of Def, Mid , Att and also overall. However and there is always a but, they have a weaker keeper than some. I believe though the large amount of possession and strong attack should be too big a problem for most .  Villa and Santos are closely matched. Villa more strength , less depth , great keeper / defence combo.  Santos more attacking minded , perhaps better as the season progresses.

All the way down to Stoke could survive in D2.  Man Utd are playing the strength card, but 2 or 3 injuries will bring their season crashing down. Udinese a well balanced team, also looking for a good cup run.

Borussia M and Lille should function in a similar manner. Stoke are more interesting having a weaker keeper than most.

Relegation is more difficult to judge here.  Things get problematic at less than 218.5 and usually relegation is certain less than 218.2.

That leaves 6 teams in the mix for that particular prize.

Wolfsburg lack of defence will surely be their undoing long term even with a decent keeper, they also lack depth so one or two injuries in the middle possession will falter.   Shaktar lack a defensive unit and keeper strong enough in this division and look certain relegation candidates.

Celta could easily be improved with an 87 rated keeper of which there are plenty external at the moment.  Dnipro, Sporting , Galatasaray almost identical in stats . the manager will make all the difference there.

Werder Bremen88.089.590.392.086.089.2224.481
Aston Villa91.089.089.590.085.088.9222.422
Santos FC88.089.088.891.087.088.8222.353
Manchester United88.088.890.
Udinese Calcio88.088.589.389.087.088.4221.055
Borussia Mönchengladbach89.088.089.589.086.088.3220.856
Lille OSC88.087.888.889.586.088.0220.267
Stoke City87.087.889.088.584.087.3219.458
Chievo Verona87.087.588.388.587.087.7219.019
Club Brugge KV88.087.388.588.585.087.5218.8910
Zenit Saint Petersburg89.
1. FC Köln88.087.389.087.585.087.4218.6412
Dynamo Kyiv89.086.888.
Galatasaray SK88.087.587.888.086.087.5218.2815
Sporting CP88.088.087.388.085.087.3218.1616
Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk88.087.887.588.085.087.3218.1617
Celta Vigo85.
Shakhtar Donetsk86.086.387.587.585.086.5216.4019
VfL Wolfsburg88.085.087.888.084.086.6216.0420

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