Season 14 D2 Stats and facts

Two runaway leaders ?

Anderlecht are far and away the best team in D2.

They would finish  top 8 in D1 and should win the league with ease.  Fellow relegated PSG should find 2nd an easy win.

Neither side has any obvious weakness and the others don’t come close.

Also relegated from D1 Liverpool head the chasing pack.  They go for strength over depth and must avoid injuries or suspension. A similar and familiar them applies to Leverkeusen and Everton who should find the playoffs .  Southampton are the first depth side and they may need to wait for the 2nd half of the season before making their challenge.

224.6 is the cut off though to survive in D1 so only the leaders can hope not to fall again without some kind of additional boost to their squad.

A the lower end of the table anything less than 218.5 makes relegation a likely prospect. With that in mind only Napoli and Levante look to be in serious problem as the lower end of D2 has perked up a bit this year.

Levante seem outmatched in most departments, Napoli do have some attacking prowess if used correctly.  Basel and Sevilla have balanced squads but the team just above Sevilla hope to use their keeper to save them this season.

Cup run anybody?  Schalke have the depth and two byes to assist them into the 2nd round and a stamina boost to envy,

RSC Anderlecht91.090.592.593.086.090.6228.091
Paris Saint-Germain94.090.391.090.586.090.4225.432
Bayer Leverkusen91.089.890.089.585.089.1223.104
AS Monaco88.089.089.390.086.088.5221.988
AC Milan92.089.089.389.085.088.9221.699
Standard Liège88.089.089.589.087.088.5221.6510
FC Schalke 0490.088.589.088.587.088.6220.7711
Hamburger SV90.087.389.389.583.087.8220.1412
Newcastle United88.088.388.589.086.088.0220.1313
CSKA Moskva90.088.389.587.086.088.2219.8714
SS Lazio88.087.589.388.586.087.9219.8115
TSG 1899 Hoffenheim88.087.888.888.586.087.8219.6117
FC Basel87.088.588.
SSC Napoli87.087.887.889.085.087.3218.8919
Levante UD88.087.887.388.085.087.2217.9620

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