Division 1 Season 14 Stats and facts

Chelsea top of the stats for season 14

For the new managers or those who have forgotten.

I take the average rating of the Gk, Def, Mid, Att , the lowest of the top 18 ( adjusted if needed ) and the overall average to produce the ETOT the effective total.

This then gives the predicted position.

Chelsea sit just above Barcelona, their side is better balanced and has more depth , although neither side really goes that deep. These 2 are well clear of Juventus and Arsenal . Juventus also lack depth but on any given day could challenge the top 2 as could Arsenal who are the first depth side. They need to look at the long game this season.

Bayern and Porto are the only other sides above 229, realistically the cut off for any title hopes. Bayern have the greatest depth of any team and like Arsenal may have to hope for injuries in the Barcelona or Chelsea squads.

Real Madrid and Dortmund also are well equipped for the long run and I would expect them to finish higher than their predicted position if managed well.

224 is the cut off for relegation so Tottenham , Man City and Ajax would need to do really well to even finish above the cut off. Roma may fair little better with a tragic lack of depth and an ancient keeper who is sure to drop, they may save one of their lower ranked rivals.

Bayern München95.091.393.391.589.092.0229.165
FC Porto93.091.592.393.087.091.4229.056
Real Madrid91.091.592.591.588.090.9228.167
Genoa CFC91.091.890.
Borussia Dortmund90.090.890.893.088.090.5227.019
RCD Espanyol92.090.591.891.087.090.5226.4310
Atlético Madrid91.091.091.590.586.090.0226.0711
Hertha BSC88.
Hellas Verona89.090.091.391.086.089.5225.1513
SL Benfica93.090.890.889.588.090.4225.1014
SC Internacional89.089.891.391.086.089.4224.9515
Valencia CF89.089.090.593.083.088.9224.6916
AS Roma89.
Tottenham Hotspur90.089.589.890.587.089.4223.4719
Manchester City89.089.589.589.586.088.7222.3820

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