Manager of the Season Winners S13

D5 Manager of the Season

GNK Dinamo Zagreb - Wikipedia

I want to say thank you to all previous Dinamo managers. Also thanks to all who decide to give me a vote and decide me to be D5 manager of the season. Will continue hard next season to make best possible result. Really happy with this team and opportunity to be their manager. Wish all the best to all managers in new season.

The Godfather, D5 Manager of the Season S13

D4 Manager of the Season

SV Werder Bremen - Wikipedia

I would like to thank all the managers who voted for me huge success at Bremen big transformation with the squad see us reach Division 3 hoping for the success to continue next season.

Paddy D, D4 Manager of the Season S13

D3 Manager of the Season

PFC CSKA Moscow - Wikipedia

I’d just like to say thanks to everyone, this season has been fantastic and hopefully we can continue to progress in div 2 and have another great season . Thanks again.

Dale Bowers, D3 Manager of the Season S13

D2 Manager of the Season

Arsenal F.C. - Wikipedia

After some success with Roma and a stable side it was a little risky to drop a Division but I really felt with a few tweaks I could get them back in the Top Level.

Key signings in the keeper and centre back also adding Werner in the latter stages. I like to try have cover for all positions, I am lacking in CM and CB but I concentrated on the league rather than cups and at one point I thought I may make the 100 points.

We twice broke most win on the run and record and most unbeaten games, it’s a really tough league and you could get stuck in there and after two season Arsenal looked like they were lacking consistency.

I tried to get a settled squad early doors and stuck to the game plan. Really pleased to go up as champions against some really top managers in the Division and looking forward to being back in the top flight.

Heath Brown, D2 Manager of the Season S13

D1 Manager of the Season

Chelsea F.C. - Wikipedia

Since I’ve joined this league I’ve strived to be the best manager in here and from the start it was a struggle to be champions even though at some points over the years we have on paper had a very strong squad but for some reason it just never clicked…….

But this season we have managed to turn draws into wins, a few in the last 10 mins ….and it has helped having a little bit of Back up To Fill in for those Unexpected injuries ……

James Mckenzie, D1 Manager of the Season S13

Top 100 Manager of the Season

Pin on Interests

But overall I want to thank all the guys in here for the competition, it’s a hard group of guys who are trying to break the cycle up top in div 1 but it takes a lot of sacrifice of top talents to get that winning formula…..

I also want to thank the guys for their effort in running cups and managing everything about the world which is the fairest I’ve ever come across and rules are always adhered to and there’s no qualms if mistakes are made people accept their punishment….

I know Scott Will be desperate to get his crown back and I will learn from his mistake this term of the super cup as he lost his first two league games through playing a full team…..

Let’s see if we can do it again I’ve every confidence we won’t be far away …….I’m glad overall we won the league by a margin now it’s up to the guys in div 1 to hunt me down coz I won’t be relinquishing the title easy …….

So guys let’s see what everyone’s made of this term and good luck to all.

James McKenzie, Top 100 Manager of the Season S13

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