Juventus to replace DP?

This press release is brought to you from official Juventus & TuttoSport

“It has been brought to my attention that some would like to see Juve under new management, amongst others that are not of concern to me. Having started stipulations in T100, Juve have always sought Top 4 finishes or trophies setting the way, failing to do so would see me step aside. We have not however yet failed to achieve this despite my having no real concern for D1 performances. 

Where a number of clubs have had stipulations, failed & still not resigned as agreed under the gentleman’ agreement, they died away until David brought them back under the contract stipulations for clubs. Juve have continued to ensure we meet the aforementioned stipulation all the same whilst under my stewardship.

Myself, a long term squad builder, with no interest in chasing titles in D1 under the current match engine setup, we’ve still over the seasons hauled in some trophies elsewhere;

T100 Cup x 1
T100 Shield x 3
T100 Youth Cup x 2
T100 Youth Shield x 1

I only play SM for T100 & the building of a squad over time at Juve. Real interest in other GWs is minimal. As a minor founder of some concepts, ideas & suggestions in T100, including the initial teams, the blog, T100 TV, the youth cup, the graphic & backgrounds associated, it’d feel poor to be asked to leave in such a fashion, but I’m opening the floor. If enough people vote for wanting me to step aside, I will do so & leave SM. Despite it likely being for selfish reasons, or so it would appear, if you believe I should step aside & the majority tally is significant, I will leave.”

One comment

  1. I believe you contribute to the set up fantastically and why would you leave , the squad built is fantastic ,a massive credit to you, well done and also picking trophies up along the way.


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