D3 Season 13 Stats and Facts review

3 way tie at the top.

Kiev just a little ahead of Villa and just above CSKA.

Kiev have the highest VA and get into the playoff +11 from 17th is a great performance.

Villa likewise in 5th and CSKA taking the title a great performance.

Notable plus to Celtic.

Lille have the lowest VA with Man Utd. Wolfsburg and Montpelier dissapointing.

Dynamo Kyiv89.087.587.
Aston Villa89.087.588.
CSKA Moskva90.087.890.
Newcastle United88.088.587.890.087.088.3220.504221.50
Udinese Calcio88.088.388.888.587.088.1220.136420.75
Celta Vigo87.087.089.387.083.086.7217.95161150.55
Shakhtar Donetsk87.086.387.587.586.086.9216.64201550.40
SS Lazio88.087.389.388.586.087.8219.618710.29
1. FC Köln88.
Lokomotiv Moskva87.087.387.087.586.087.0217.041920-10.00
Club Brugge KV87.087.388.888.586.087.5219.091113-2-0.08
Olympique Marseille87.087.388.388.085.087.1218.241518-3-0.11
Zenit Saint Petersburg89.087.588.088.585.087.6218.811216-4-0.19
AS Monaco88.089.089.890.086.088.6222.3813-2-0.33
Montpellier HSC88.087.588.588.586.087.7219.211019-9-0.42
VfL Wolfsburg87.088.088.389.086.087.7219.61714-7-0.43
Manchester United88.
Lille OSC88.087.889.089.586.088.1220.46512-7-0.50

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