SEASON 12 – the final day cont.


As we went into the final day of the campaign, the Division 5 automatic promotion places were already decided. Atalanta BC were the Champions (impressive for a Boys Club). Santos FC and ACF Fiorentina were also promoted but who would finish second wasn’t decided. Cruzeiro and Werder Bremen were guaranteed play off berths which leaves two more. Six teams were chasing the last two places. Besiktas JK (55pts), West Ham United (54pts), Olympique Lyon (53pts), Torino (53pts), Flamengo (52pts) and AZ Alkmaar (51pts) could all make the post season. At the bottom the battle for the coveted Wooden Spoon was between Girondins Bordeaux and VfB Stuttgart. We will keep half an eye on that.

Let’s see how the night unfolded:

0 min – We are underway and 90 minutes from now we will know who the last two teams are to enter the post season.

5min – All quiet so far as the teams settle into their games. The big games are Besiktas v Lyon and West Ham v Flamengo with the four teams in the mix for a play off place but so far it’s 0-0.

8min – ⚽️ GOAL!! and it’s a huge one. It’s at the Olympic Stadium and it’s bad news for the Hammers. Soares has scored for Flamengo. It’s West Ham 0 Flamengo 1!! There is also a goal at the bottom where Gaćinović has put Stuttgart ahead at Dinamo Zagreb which lifts them off the bottom.

12min – ⚽️ GOAL!! Alkmaar are in front at Atalanta!! A huge boost as the Dutch side try and sneak in the back door of the play offs. Midtsjo is the scorer and I will let you pronounce his name.

13min – ⚽️ GOAL!! It’s all kicking off now as Besiktas take the lead in Turkey against Lyon!! Marlos the scorer!

15min – OK, let’s see where we stand after a quarter of an hour in the play off race. It is





and the standings are

6. BESIKTAS 58pts

7. FLAMENGO 55pts

8. ALKMAAR 54pts

9. WEST HAM 54pts

10. TORINO 54pts

11. LYON 53pts

So, Besiktas looking good for one of the places but there is still a long way to go.

20min – ⚽️ GOAL!! and it’s a second goal for Flamengo!! Dalbert makes it West Ham 0 Flamengo 2!! The Hammers play off dreams are fading to the sound of the samba drums!

30min – It’s gone quiet on the goal action but that won’t bother Besiktas or Flamengo fans as they are the two teams in the play off places.

38min – ⚽️ GOAL!! and just as I was thinking a nap would be in order, news of another goal comes in and it’s En Nesyri for Atalanta!! Alkmaar’s hopes suffer a blow! Atalanta 1 Alkmaar 1

43min – ⚽️ Goal!! West Ham have a goal back! Sahin makes it 1-2. Flamengo still ahead but could West Ham come back in the second half and steal a play off place!

45min – The half time whistle is blowing across Europe so let’s have a look at how things stand with 45min of the season left.





And the standings at half time are

6. BESIKTAS 58pts

7. FLAMENGO 55pts

8. WEST HAM 54pts

9. TORINO 54pts

10. LYON 53pts

11. ALKMAAR 52pts

Besiktas and Flamengo in the driving seat but anything could happen in the second half and no one can yet be ruled out.
At the bottom Stuttgart lead 1-0 at Dinamo Zagreb while Bordeaux are 0-0 at Saint-Etienne which means Bordeaux are in the TOP100 bottom spot

We are off again as we start the last 45min of the regular season. Remember there are still play offs to come and we will be with you all the way.

50min – ⚽️ GOAL!! It’s a huge goal for Torino!! Giovinco has put the Italian side in front against Santos and they are now in the last play off spot!! Flamengo drop out!

53min – ⚽️ GOAL!! unbelievable!! The Stadio Olimpico in Turin has been silenced just 3min after it erupted!! Milivojević has headed Santos level showing that they may be already promoted but they won’t ease up. Torino were in the play off places for just 3min but now Flamengo are back in! What a night this is turning out to be.
🟥 – RED CARD!! We were so caught up in the game in Turin that we nearly missed an important red card. Geromel has been sent off in Bergamo to reduce Alkmaar to 10 men in their game with Atalanta. Is that the end for Alkmaar!!

58min – ⚽️ GOAL!! If the red card was not the end for Alkmaar, it is now! Petagna has put Atalanta ahead and Alkmaar’s hopes are drifting away. Atalanta 2 ALKMAAR 1!!

63min – ⚽️ GOAL!! and it’s another for Atalanta! Alkmaar are down and out! Luan makes it 3–1 and 10 man Alkmaar must surely be looking to prevent any embarrassment.

66min – ⚽️ GOAL!! disaster for Torino!! Santos have turned it around as Babel finds the net! Torino with it all to do now.
⚽️ GOAL!! it’s the battle to avoid the wooden spoon and Stuttgart are back at the bottom as Fornals equalises for Dinamo Zagreb!!

67min – CORRECTION! We believe the Zagreb goal has been given offside!! Stuttgart are back off the bottom! All the action as it happens here for you.

75min – 15min to play and this is how we stand





6. BESIKTAS 58pts

7. FLAMENGO 55pts


9. LYON 53pts

10. TORINO 53pts

11. ALKMAAR 51pts

West Ham, Lyon or Torino need 2 goals to grab a late play off place, otherwise it is Besiktas and Flamengo who go into the post season.

78min – Still no change in the play off race but it is going Stuttgart’s way at the bottom with news that Sugawara has scored for Saint-Etienne against Bordeaux and that Conti has been red carded for Dinamo Zagreb leaving Bordeaux hot favourites for that spoon.

85min – 5min to go and no change in the play off race. It looks like Besiktas and Flamengo are, barring disaster, heading for the play offs!!

90min – We are into stoppage time and now awaiting final whistles to confirm what we already know

It’s finished in Zagreb where Stuttgart look to have avoided the wooden spoon on the last day. Dinamo Zagreb 0 Stuttgart 1.

Other Division 5 results coming through. Indepeniente 0 FC Augsburg 0 and Feyenoord 2 Sunderland 0

The dream was over for Alkmaar when Geromel was sent off and it is now confirmed, Atalanta 3 AZ Alkmaar 1

Fiorentina have beaten play off bound Cruzeiro 3-0, São Paulo 1 Werder Bremen 0 and Bordeaux are confirmed as the bottom club in TOP100 as they go down 1-0 at Saint-Etienne.

The Brazilian drums are sounding at the Olympic Stadium as a small band of Flamengo fans celebrate a play off place!! Flamengo have beaten West Ham 2-1 and that will be enough for them to take part in the post season!!

Full time in Turkey!! Besiktas are in the play offs!! They have beaten Lyon 1-0 and they finish in 5th place and will travel to Germany to take on Werder Bremen!!

Full time in a quiet Stadio Olimpico as Torino miss out on the play offs by going down 2–1 to promoted Santos FC!! Disappointment for the Italians but they were ahead and failed to hold on. Over the season they were not good enough.

So that’s a rap!! Division 5 is over for Season 12 and it’s congratulations to Champions Atalanta, who go up with Santos and Fiorentina. In the play offs it will be Cruzeiro v Flamengo and Werder Bremen v Flamengo.
A great season for Brazilian sides with three in the top six. That’s it for me. Good night.

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