SEASON 12 – the final day cont.


At the top of Division 3, Everton were already Champions but the other two places were still to be settled. Sevilla 68pts, Southampton 66pts and Aston Villa 65pts were the teams fighting for two automatic promotion places with the losing team going into the play offs. To add spice, Aston Villa were playing at home to Sevilla. Borussia Mönchengladbach were guaranteed to be in the play offs. The other two play off places would be fought out between Udinese (needing a draw) 57pts, Lille 54pts, Club Brugge 54pts, Manchester United 52pts and outsiders 1FC Köln 51pts.
The relegation places were already decided.

This is how the night unfolded:

0min – It’s 8pm and the final games of Season 12 are underway all across Europe and South America as we concentrate on Division 3.

1min – Penalty!! Incredibly just 60 seconds into tonight’s games and Southampton have a penalty in Lille!

2min – ⚽️ Goal!! Arnautovic converts the spot kick and it’s Lille 0 Southampton 1 and as that penalty was being taken, Bamba was giving Udinese the lead at Zenit! So already the table is changing:

  1. EVERTON 76pts
  2. SOUTHAMPTON 69pts
  3. SEVILLA 69pts
  4. ASTON VILLA 66pts
  5. BORUSSIA MGB 62pts
  6. UDINESE 60pts
  7. BRUGGE 55pts
  8. LILLE 54pts
  9. MAN UTD 53pts
  10. KÖLN 52pts

9min – ⚽️ Goallll!! and it’s a huge one as Moutinho turns back the clock to give Sevilla the lead at Aston Villa!

  1. EVERTON 76pts
  2. SEVILLA 71pts
  3. SOUTHAMPTON 69pts
  4. ASTON VILLA 65pts

It’s still early doors but Villa have a lot to do.

11min – It’s been an all action start to the games with important goals already scored and the champions have just went 1-0 up in Dnipro with Moreno being the Everton scorer.

18min – ⚽️ FC Köln have a very difficult task to grab a play off spot with an 8 goal swing needed to pip Lille as well as other results going their way. Well, Lopes has given Köln the lead against Fenerbahce and with Lille trailing, it means it is now a 6 goal swing needed. It’s still a huge ask.

25min – ⚽️ Goal!! and it’s a minor setback for Udinese with Perotti making it Zenit 1 Udinese 1. Remember Udinese only require a point to make the play offs, so they are still on track.

32min – And we hear that Rabiot has scored from the spot to put Champions Everton 2-0 up in Ukraine against Dnipro. Everton looking forward to Division 2 football next season.

34min – ⚽️ Goal!! And it’s bad news for Club Brugges. They have fallen behind to a Delph goal and that lets Lille back into the play off places. Celta Vigo 1 Club Brugge 0

35min – ⚽️ Goal in Russia!! Bonaventura has restored Udinese’s lead and it is Zenit 1 Udinese 2. We will have an updated table for you at half time, that’s when we might catch a breath because…

36min – ⚽️ the goals are coming in quicker than we can react. Ok, catching up. Goal in Italy and it’s Harry Winks who has made it Inter 0 Man Utd 1. United still in the play off race but how about this!! It’s the big game of the night and it’s an equaliser for Villa!! De Tomás has scored and it’s Villa 1 Sevilla 1. Villa back in the automatic promotion race. What a night so far!

39min – ⚽️Goal!! and just as I thought we were getting a breather, Lille have equalised in France. Spanish striker Iglesias has made it Lille 1 Southampton 1 and it is as you were at the top of the table.

40min – ⚽️ Goal!! This is unbelievable!! No sooner did we say it was ‘as you were’ at the top, there is a third goal at Villa Park. Vela has restored Sevilla’s lead 5min before half time and Villa have it all to do.

42min – That was seven goals in eight minutes. Every time we went to update the table, another goal was hitting the back of the net. All updates coming up at half time. And breeeaaathe!!

45min – HT – The half time whistle is sounding around the grounds and we have the half time scores








  1. EVERTON 78pts
  2. SEVILLA 71pts
  3. SOUTHAMPTON 67pts
  4. ASTON VILLA 65pts
  5. BORUSSIA MGB 61pts
  6. UDINESE 60pts
  7. LILLE OSC 55pts
  8. MAN UNITED 55pts
  9. CLUB BRUGGE 54pts
  10. 1FC KÖLN 54pts

So that’s how it stands with 45min left of the season. Sevilla look good for automatic promotion along with Southampton, but a Villa goal would mix things up again. For the play offs, it looks like 1 place left with 4 teams battling for it. We are set for an engrossing second half and it’s coming right up

And off we go as games restart after a thrilling first half…

46min – ⚽️ Goal!! And we are not even 1min into the second half as we hear that Lopes has doubled FC Köln’s lead against Fenerbahçe in Germany. It’s very unlikely that Köln will do enough but they are giving it a go.

47min – ⚽️ Goal!! and the goals keep coming and Llorente has made it Celta Vigo 2 Club Brugge 0 which is surely the end of the Brugge play off chances. They need to score 3 now to have any chance.

51min – ⚽️ Goal!! It comes in from Germany and Cheryshev has pulled one back for Fenerbahçe and that could be the death knell for Köln. They really needed a 4 or 5 goal win but conceding that goal should rule them out of the play off picture.

56min – ⚽️ Goal!! and we said Brugge had to score 3 to have a chance of getting into the play offs. Well, Elkeson has got one. Celta Vigo 2 ClubBrugge 1.

58min – Everton are showing why they are Division 3 Champions with Moreno putting them 3-0 up in Ukraine against Dnipro

60min – Half an hour left to play and it’s still Sevilla and Southampton that will win automatic promotion with Aston Villa left in the play offs. Will it all change?

63min – PENALTY!!! It’s a penalty for Manchester United in Milan. Will bring news ASAP.

64min – ⚽️ Goal!! Demirbay confidently nets the spot kick to make it Inter 0 Man Utd 2 but United need a Southampton goal to make the play offs at Lille’s expense. It is still 1–1 in France.

70min – ⚽️ Goal!! and it’s a huge one. It’s disaster for Aston Villa as Lovren scores a third goal for Sevilla. It’s Villa 1 Sevilla 3 and Sevilla have one foot in Division 2. Villa need to score three goals in the last 20min or it is the lottery of the play offs for them.

76min – 🟥 I’m sure it won’t ruin their night but Rabiot has been red carded for Everton in the Ukraine. 10 man Everton still lead 3-0.

81min – ⚽️ Goal!! and as calm as you will get, Everton shrug off the red card as Weghorst makes it 4-0 to the title winners. That’s either arrogant or just class. You choose.

82min – ⚽️ Goal!! and that is the goal that seals a play off place for Udinese!! Fernando gets on the scoresheet as Udinese darn their place in the post season.

90min – We are heading into stoppage time and although it’s been a quieter second half, there has been some crucial goals. Just waiting on the full time whistle.

It’s all over in Milan where goals from Winks and Demirbay have given Manchester United a 2-0 win over Internazionale but it looks like it won’t be enough as it is still 1-1 in Lille.
It’s full time in Russia and Udinese have sealed their place in the play offs and they could be the team to beat. Zenit 1 Udinese 3

One team that won’t be in the play offs are Club Brugge. They have went down 2–1 to Celta Vigo in Spain and it’s Division 3 for them next season and it’s full time in France where Lille and Southampton have drawn 1-1. Southampton are celebrating with their fans as they are going up to Division 2. The full times are in for the other games and Sevilla are promoted along with Southampton after a 3–1 win over Aston Villa, who have to settle for the play offs. FC Köln have missed out despite a 2-1 win over Fenerbahçe. So, to summarise – Everton go up to Division 2 as Champions with Sevilla and Southampton also going up. In the play offs it will be Aston Villa v Lille OSC and Borussia Mönchengladbach v Udinese Calcio.

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