World Club Cup Divisional Draws

No special rules apply to the World Club Cup, so all players are eligible to play. No need to worry about setting teams.

Fixtures to be played every week starting Wednesday 1 April.

Rounds 1, 2 and 3 will be one leg only.

Semi-finals and Finals will be over two legs.

Winners of D1 and D2 will play in two legged Final for the World Club Cup.

Winners of D3 and D4 will play in two legged Final for the World Club Shield.

Apologies to the winners of D5. And apologies for not having the (bingo) balls to do a live draw.

Admins for each division will check that fixtures are arranged and chase managers via PM and/or newsfeed where necessary.

Division One

Admins: Andrew Kelly and Mister TRX

Division Two

Admins: Dan Wallace and Alex McLean

Division Three

Admins: Rob Ryan and Frank Tyson

Division Four

Admins: David Senior and Mark Deadman

Division Five

Admins: Mark Deadman and David Senior

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